Senior Software Engineer
Posted on 2/8/2023
Canada • Remote
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • 3+ years of professional experience building and debugging client side applications with a strong frontend experience and some backend foundation
  • You enthusiastically approach everything from API design to HTML/CSS with the same level of respect and intention. You don't need to be an expert in everything; T-shaped folks with an emphasis on frontend skills are ideal for these roles
  • You're interested in learning new languages and technologies. We use JavaScript/TypeScript/React, Go and Clojure, MongoDB and PostgreSQL, and RabbitMQ, but it's okay if you haven't yet. You can find more details on our tech stack here
  • You've developed skills in navigating and crafting the dynamics of a rapidly-growing company with a remote-first culture: quickly adapting when priorities change and making conscious tradeoffs with incomplete information
  • Design and build new features, simplify existing services, and scale our systems as we rapidly grow and evolve
  • Write sustainable, testable, high-quality, high-performance code
  • Support, maintain, and debug microservices in a complex distributed system
  • Foster a culture of observability and monitoring: use operational data to help your team increase the stability, performance, and usage of our systems
  • Partner with members of a multi-functional team and other collaborators to set the direction of our product: learn about our business problems, explore solutions, weigh design tradeoffs, write effective user stories, and prioritize them to deliver maximum value in a balanced, incremental fashion

201-500 employees

Computer Software
Company Overview
CircleCI's mission is to manage change so software teams can innovate faster. We want to empower technology-driven organizations to do their best work – and make engineering teams more productive and innovative by managing change. The company operates a CI/CD platform for enterprises.
  • Working remotely at CircleCI - Whether it’s a peaceful home or a house full of kids, roommates, or pets, your office can be where you need it. CircleCI has been a remote-first company since the beginning. We’ll ensure you stay well-connected with your teammates every day through tools like Zoom, Slack, Confluence, Google Suite, and GitHub. We also provide a home office stipend to help you do your best work.
  • Health and wellness - Regardless of location, we prioritize the health and wellness of our employees and their families. In addition to unlimited PTO, we offer generous parental leave and benefits that can cover employees and dependents up to 100%. We also offer quarterly wellness days, a free Calm subscription, wellness reimbursement, and Cleo for new parents.
  • Professional development - At CircleCI, employees have ample opportunity to learn new skills, including project-based learning and presentations from our colleagues. Udemy is available for on-demand learning and we offer an annual stipend for personal development outside of CircleCI. Your continued professional development is important to us because it’s important to you.
Company Core Values
  • Inclusive, empathetic, and respectful
  • Open and transparent
  • Quick and continuous
  • Resilient
  • Aligned, empowered, and accountable