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Product Designer
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • The product has a broad set of use-cases, how do we gradually onboard users around a specific set of use cases and then iteratively introduce them to new capabilities?
  • How do we choose abstractions and interfaces that are easy to understand for non-developers, but still allow developers escape hatches to not feel stuck?
  • How do we let people move fluidly between the different parts of the product, to create a seamless experience that gives people lots of moments of delight?
  • How do we handle things like versioning and access control that give teams confidence in the reliability of Clay as they scale?
  • How do we build "documentation" more natively into the experience of the product?
  • A customer-focused approach to design. Constantly empathizing with customers and checking back in to make sure we're delivering intuitive value
  • Excellent visual and written communication & strong consideration of abstractions. A big part of simplifying software development is choosing the right abstractions & communicating them effectively
  • Clear design process. Including the ability to identify the right problems to solve, consider multiple alternative solutions and speak intelligently about the tradeoffs involved in the different solutions
  • Systems thinking. You have the ability to break down complex problems, and expose simple interfaces for accomplishing things that are historically more difficult. You see patterns that repeat across the product and are able to abstract them into common interactions
  • Ability to deliver pixel-perfect designs. Both at the design and front-end code implementation level, you care about coming back to something again and again until "it feels right"
  • Ability to deliver production-grade front-end code: HTML/CSS and Javascript. Our stack is React and Redux on the front-end
  • Design & ship core features. Spec, implement and maintain core features and infrastructure. Given the size of the team, everyone is touching all parts of the stack and has lots of responsibility
  • Collaborate & learn. You'll partner with the rest of our team, communicate openly, give and receive thoughtful feedback, and have a chance to learn from people who excel in their areas of expertise
  • Take ownership. We're focused on building a high-trust, ownership focused environment where everyone aims to define what they think is most important to work on, and drive initiatives forward
  • Interview Users, Analyze Feedback & Help Prioritize the Roadmap. We're iterating quickly, and have seen lots of emergent behavior from the early users of the product. Part of your role will involve trying to synthesize learnings from our users to help inform what use cases we should focus on, and identifying how we can iterate quickly to continue finding product-market fits as we launch new products
  • Prototype & design novel interfaces. You'll be challenged to rethink how we can make certain aspects of building software more intuitive to users, which will require you to also have a deep understanding of what building software looks like today. Because we're pushing the envelope, our approach is to quickly build clickable and lightweight front-end prototypes to try out interactions we think might be interesting
  • Design and codepolished features & interactions. Our design and engineering teams spend a lot of time in Figma, and also in JSFiddles exploring interfaces. As a designer who can code, you'll collaborate with the rest of our engineering team to handoff off your designs and produce specs that capture the nuances of the features and interactions we're looking to ship
Clayton Williams Energy, Inc. is an independent oil and gas company.
Company Overview
Clayton Williams Energy, Inc. is an independent oil and gas company.