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Software Engineer
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
San Diego, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Apache Spark
  • Programming experience
  • BDS processes are developed with Python and having skills with it will make it much easier to get started. In the technical interview you will be tested with a Python coding task, but you are allowed to use any external resources while working on it
  • Database experience
  • You will be dealing with a lot of data tables and knowledge of databases will be beneficial. In the technical interview you will be tested with SQL query tasks, but you are allowed to use any external resources while working on it
  • Fluent English skills
  • English is the working language of the team and therefore understanding and being understood in both written and spoken English is critical
  • Spark (Pyspark)
  • Jupyter notebooks
  • Google Drive Spreadsheets
  • Integration to external data sources
  • Reporting and graph experience
  • Website scraping technologies and techniques (Selenium, PhantomJS, BeautifulSoup, Requests)
  • Ability to determine which data points from a data source will be useful and how best to extract that data in a formatted way
  • Parse and extract those data points using HTML structure and regular expressions
  • The exact tasks you end up working on will evolve based on your skills and interests, but these are the main areas of responsibilities:
  • Metrics implementation
  • Process improvements
  • Coupa Community.ai project development
  • 1. Metrics implementation
  • Your responsibilities will include the maintaining and further development of existing reporting solutions. These metrics cover the quality and quantity of the data going through each process step, as well as automated anomaly alerts. These will allow us to react to possible issues immediately, and also helps us communicate the process performance to other teams
  • These metrics will cover all the steps of the process from data collection to output generation, giving you a great chance to understand all parts of the process at a deep level
  • Simple reporting solution has been put in place, and you are able to build on top of that instead of needing to start completely from scratch
  • 2. Process improvements
  • Utilizing your acquired knowledge of the existing processes you are expected to resolve some of the known deficiencies. You will get to take part in planning how to implement these and executing them with the support of the BDS team
  • Further down the line you are expected to identify places for improvement on your own
  • 3. Coupa Community.ai project development
  • As your skills and knowledge of the environment and data sets continue to improve, you will be taking more and more responsibilities on the Coupa Community.ai project development. This will involve working on defining data models, implementing API endpoints and designing data management processes
  • Working conditions
  • You will be joining the BDS team as a remote working Software Engineer. You will have your individual development tasks, but clear communication and working together with the team will be essential. There's a lot of flexibility on working hours and communication with the team is done through Zoom and Slack. During a normal working day you can expect to have one Zoom call with the team lead, and at most a couple of times per week additional meetings
Coupa Software

1,001-5,000 employees

Business spend management
Company Overview
Coupa wants to transform the way that businesses manage their spend.
  • Insurance Package
  • Family Support
  • Legal Assistance
  • Student Loan Assistance
  • Employee Assistance
  • Discounts
Company Values
  • ENSURE CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Obsessive and unwavering commitment to making customers successful.
  • FOCUS ON RESULTS: Relentless focus on delivering results through innovation and a bias for action.
  • STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE: Commitment to a collaborative environment infused with professionalism, integrity, passion and accountability.