Staff Data Scientist

Posted on 5/15/2024



10,001+ employees

Provides manufacturing and supply chain services

Industrial & Manufacturing
Automotive & Transportation


New York, NY, USA

Required Skills
Data Analysis
  • Master’s or Ph.D. degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or a related quantitative field.
  • 6+ years of experience in building and deploying machine learning models in a production environment, preferably in the fintech industry.
  • Strong proficiency in programming languages such as Python, R, or Scala, as well as experience with machine learning libraries (e.g., TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn).
  • Deep understanding of statistical learning theory and predictive modeling techniques.
  • Proven track record of driving impactful business outcomes through development and deployment of risk models and consumer behavior models.
  • Experience working with large-scale datasets and distributed computing frameworks.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and effectiveness in communicating complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated ability to thrive in a collaborative and fast-paced environment, adapting quickly to changing priorities and business needs.
  • Design, develop, and implement cutting-edge statistical and machine learning models to effectively manage credit and fraud financial loss on both consumer and partner sides.
  • Take technical ownership of the end-to-end ML project life cycle, from data collection and preprocessing to model development, deployment, post-launch monitoring and maintenance, as well as sunsetting.
  • Leverage large-scale datasets to conduct exploratory data analysis and visualization, extracting actionable insights that guide strategic decision-making.
  • Collaborate with product managers, engineers, business and compliance stakeholders to understand requirements and translate them into technical solutions.
  • Build robust data pipelines and infrastructure to support model development, training, and deployment in a production environment.
  • Evaluate model performance, conduct A/B testing, and iterate on model improvements to enhance accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Stay current with industry trends, research advancements, and best practices in machine learning, financial risk modeling, and fintech.

With its focus on harnessing advanced technologies to enhance productivity, quality, and efficiency, this company stands out as a leader in manufacturing, design, engineering, and supply chain services. Emphasizing sustainability and regionalization, it offers a dynamic work environment committed to innovative practices and environmental responsibility. This commitment not only fosters a progressive workspace but also positions the company at the forefront of its industry, making it an appealing place for forward-thinking professionals.

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