Software Engineer
Full Stack
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
New York, NY, USA
Experience Level
  • You have full stack software engineering experience or software engineering internships
  • An interest in crypto investing and blockchains
  • Based in the broader New York area
  • We're hiring full-stack engineers and front-end engineers
  • Help Artemis grow: as an early engineer at Artemis, you will be a foundational part of our team. We are at an inflection point where we have paying customers, a strong pipeline of prospects, and need help growing Artemis. You will have input on a lot of product and business decisions around how to monetize, what products to build, who do we serve and why
  • Own a product: customers are pounding our door for our initial suite of product. We need you to help own a product and take it from 0 -> 1
  • Talk to customers: we are #customerobsessed at Artemis and you'll interact with our customers directly by supporting them and collecting feedback to inform what product we build
  • Help with team building: as an early hire at Artemis, you'll play a big role in creating the culture and workplace that you want to work at
Desired Qualifications
  • : you invest in crypto, played around with various other crypto data products and have an opinion how to value L1s
  • Extra : You want to be a founder one day!

1-10 employees

Crypto investing data aggregation platform
Company Overview
Artemis is on a mission to bend the arc of crypto to make investing more fair, transparent and accessible. The company is is building the operating system for crypto investing — every crypto investor will use Artemis to figure out what to invest in and why.
Company Core Values
  • We're here to win
  • Bringing light
  • Truth Seeking
  • #Kudos
  • Customer Obsessed & Competitor Aware
  • Hard decisions, easy life