Lead Lighting Artist
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Turtle Rock Studios

51-200 employees

Independent developer of competitive, co-op, and VR games
Company Overview
Turtle Rock Studios, an award-winning independent developer, offers a collaborative and open work environment, fostering creativity and innovation in the gaming industry. The company's competitive edge lies in its commitment to iterative development, working closely with its community to refine and enhance gameplay experiences, as evidenced by successful AAA Competitive / Co-Op titles like Left4Dead, Evolve, and Back 4 Blood. With a team passionate about creating immersive game experiences, Turtle Rock Studios continues to shape the industry and its culture.

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Lake Forest, California

Growth & Insights

6 month growth


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2 year growth

Lake Forest, CA, USA
Experience Level
Art, Graphics & Animation
Visual Effects (VFX)
  • 7+ years of experience in game development with one or more shipped titles on multiple platforms in a senior/principal or leadership role for game environments
  • A strong portfolio that demonstrates experience lighting environments and characters for AAA games
  • Strong leadership, mentoring, and teaching skills
  • Strong ability to interpret and adapt to general and flexible direction. Can thrive in a highly collaborative, team-oriented environment
  • Must be comfortable taking on responsibility for the development of complex lighting solutions and guiding the team to consistently achieve the quality bar
  • Demonstrated experience working with modern FPS engines (UE4, UE5, etc.) and modern art pipelines
  • Demonstrated experience working with realistic art styles
  • Keen production sensibilities, ability to collaborate on timelines and communicate with Production and team members on task duration and prioritization
  • Ability to maintain high-quality and consistent progress
  • Proficiency with PBR
  • A passion for games and lighting impact in game environment
  • Lead the Lighting team: maintain consistency across the department providing direction and feedback, ensuring all team members understand their role in the department and know what is expected of them
  • Oversee the lighting design and implementation across various environments, levels, and scenes to help enhance the visual appeal, atmosphere, mood, and gameplay of the environments and game
  • Work closely with the Creative Director and Art Directors to establish visual standards and lighting style guide
  • Collaborate with level designers, environment artists, and other departments to implement lighting, review scenes as a whole, and maintain high-quality bar for all assets throughout the world
  • Work with department leads to build asset viewer maps and establish standards for content creation that follow PBR standards
  • Work closely with Tech Art and Engineering to set standards and ensure lighting effects are visually appealing while maintaining acceptable frame rates and performance metrics
  • Work closely with department manager to provide mentorship and coaching for Lighting team members including but not limited to: 1:1s, career development, performance evaluations, and goal-setting
  • Playtest with the studio and the Lighting team to review and iterate lighting aspects throughout the game