Senior Software Engineer
Data and Storage
Posted on 2/17/2023
Kitchener, ON, Canada
Experience Level
  • How can we build and scale Carta's Audit system
  • How can we go from zero to MVP on a new Carta product offering
  • How can we analyze complex business logic and distill domain events out of it
  • How can we turn historical batch tasks into realtime, low latency services
  • How can we improve developer experience with streaming technology
  • How can we leverage domain events to improve data consistency and facilitate monolith decomposition
  • Our platform business unit is responsible for everything from core cloud-based infrastructure to service meshes, identity services, document storage, integrations with banks and HR systems, money movement, and tooling for financial equity analysis. We also incubate new product ideas for Carta
  • You'll join a small, cross-functional team as a Senior Software Engineer. Day-to-day, you'll have opportunities to partner closely with other engineers, product managers, and business leaders. We believe in smaller teams to allow for greater focus and have an immense amount of ownership over the problems that we solve. We have a strong collaborative relationship between Product and Engineering. Being helpful is ingrained in our culture

1,001-5,000 employees

Cap-table management platform
Company Overview
Carta is on a mission to create more owners. With over 23,000 companies, more than one million investors, law firms, and employees on their platform, and a commitment to transparency and equality in equity—they're breaking the mold of how capital markets operate.
  • Free lunch and snacks
  • Equity
  • Employee liquidity every 12-18 months
Company Core Values
  • Carta is run like a Professional Sports Team
  • Show up on time everyday
  • We are Software People
  • Create Leverage, Not Efficiency
  • Learn vs Execute
  • Competition Is for Losers