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Lead Engineer
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Google Cloud Platform
  • An experienced engineer with 5+ years of professional experience working with teams to develop user-facing, cloud-based software
  • Highly skilled in the following technologies and languages: TypeScript, NextJS, React, NodeJS, SQL, and GraphQL
  • Experienced working with complex user interfaces and API design
  • Experienced with the following: Firebase, AWS, GCP, Mobx, and Python
  • Experienced with product management software like Linear, Asana, or Jira
  • Human-centered - understand customer's needs and love generating new creative solutions
  • A great communicator
  • Seeking a work environment which values speed of iteration and individual autonomy
  • Driven to deliver quality that exceeds expectations
  • Open minded and passionate about learning new concepts and skills
  • A sound critical-thinker with a proven track record of gaining trust and respect
  • A fast-acting problem solver. You attempt to solve problems head on rather than waiting for others to solve them for you
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and autonomy; highly adaptable to new circumstances
  • Naturally driven to find clever and simple solutions
  • First Interview, Hiring Manager initial screening call to assess broad role/team fit evaluation
  • Second Interview, Technical Interview with 2-3 members of the product and engineering team to gauge technical and role specific competencies
  • Coding challenge, 1-2 hour take home assignment shared through a Github repository that gives you a starting codebase and asks you to solve for a few challenges relevant to our product
  • Final Interview, Cultural and Strategic Discussion with one representative from the Leadership Team and one representative from the People Ops Team to evaluate vision and cultural alignment

11-50 employees

Community scaling solutions service
Company Overview
Commsor’s mission is to help companies integrate all the community tools that they already use to help them measure prove the value of their community, wherever it may live. Commsor helps scale business, resources, and presence with their platform that streamlines support, improves customer acquisition, and provides crucial product insights.
  • Fully remote and flexible set up
  • Unlimited annual leave
  • Office set up allowance
  • Learning & Development Budget
  • Enhanced Healthcare plans
  • Annual Off-site Retreat: next stop will be Portugal!
  • Modern tech stack
  • Equity
Company Core Values
  • 🌐 We put community first: Communities are the whole reason we exist — so we care about them a lot. Seeing communities thrive is pretty much our favorite thing, so we center them in everything we do.
  • 🙋 We own our outcomes: We're entrepreneurial at heart and put an emphasis on individual responsibility and autonomy. Everyone contributes to our success.
  • 💟 We're the real deal: Communities flourish when their members have an enjoyable and safe space to be their authentic selves. We ensure everyone is encouraged to respectfully speak their mind, challenge the status quo, and bring the fun.
  • 🍃 We keep it light: Lightweight, that is. There are no extra points for the most complex solution to a problem. We delight our customers (and ourselves) with iterative results in pursuit of maximizing impact while reducing wasted time, energy, and resources.
  • ⛰️ We embrace the uncomfortable: We welcome change and challenges with a growth mindset and believe every hard thing is an opportunity to become better at what we do.