Data Scientist
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Experience Level
Desired Skills
Computer Vision
Data Analysis
Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Broad skills in and knowledge of applied statistics
  • Substantial understanding of Machine Learning algorithms
  • An advanced degree in the physical sciences, engineering, computer science, or mathematics
  • Post-degree work experience as a data scientist or data engineer. KoBold is willing to consider candidates at the Data Scientist, Senior Data Scientist, or Staff Data Scientist levels, with commensurate compensation, however recent bachelor's/master's candidates are unlikely to be competitive
  • Help develop KoBold's proprietary software exploration tools
  • Find and curate a wide variety of geospectral, geophysical, geochemical, geologic, and geographic data and integrate it into KoBold's proprietary data system
  • Build models to make statistically valid predictions about the locations of compositional anomalies within the Earth's crust
  • Create effective visualizations for evaluating model performance and enabling rapid interaction with the underlying data and key features
  • Develop and apply a range of data processing, statistical, and physics-based techniques to geoscientific data - from computer vision to geophysical inversions - and use the results to guide our targeting efforts and inform our acquisition and exploration decisions
  • Present to and collaborate with our external partners and stakeholders
  • Ability to take ownership and responsibility of large projects
  • Enjoys constantly learning such that you are and driving insights and innovations
  • Ability to explain technical problems to and collaborate on solutions with domain experts who aren't software developers
  • Excitement about joining a fast-growing early-stage company, comfort with a dynamic work environment, and eagerness to take on a range of responsibilities
  • Ability to independently prioritize multiple tasks effectively
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