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Strategic Communication Subject Matter Expert
Posted on 4/21/2022
Fort Bragg, NC, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Public Speaking
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • 5+ years of experience providing Public Affairs strategic messaging counsel, planning and execution to high-level government or executive leaders to include:
  • Knowledge of Public Affairs doctrine and policy
  • Understanding of the missions, structures and relationships of organizations throughout the departments of Defense and State, and the intelligence and law enforcement sectors, including the Joint Staff; Global Combatant Commands; supporting Public Affairs and information operations bodies; and mechanisms for interagency collaboration
  • Knowledge of the approval processes associated with sensitive activities sufficient to plan and publish Public Affairs Guidance and coordinate communication with government partners, domestically and internationally
  • Communication tools sufficient to prepare and present multimedia presentations to varied audiences; at a minimum, expertise in Microsoft tools including Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Serve as primary developer, writer, and editor of briefs, speeches, narratives, messaging, talking points, and other command information products
  • Educate and inform the command of the utility of Public Affairs and strategic communication to drive change and align priorities
  • Provide timely, accurate and contextual situational awareness and analysis of the information environment to the command group and throughout the organization and its network
  • Deliver deep and broad understanding of traditional and emerging media and communication platforms; as well as knowledge of how they operate internally and how they reach disparate audiences around the world
  • Propose, plan, develop, coordinate and synchronize the production and dissemination of Public Affairs guidance, activities, statements, responses to queries, supporting media products and collaborative campaigns for external and internal command messaging priorities
  • Track, analyze and share key themes, messages and talking points from relevant leaders, spokespersons and influencers
  • Provide public speaking and media training and support to leaders across the organization and related units
  • Provide communication and relationship management counsel to leadership and throughout the formation
  • Integrate with command leaders and staffs, including in subordinate and supporting organizations, to identify and propose actionable solutions for communication risks and opportunities
  • Work with a dynamic team to create and effectively distribute timely multimedia messaging products in a wide range of areas; including operations, capabilities, training, recruiting and resource acquisition
  • Conduct and oversee relevant research
  • Thrive in an agile, adaptive and challenging team atmosphere and be able to excel during travel to austere environments
  • Monitor, adapt, incorporate and disseminate relevant best practices and technologies from industry and academia
Desired Qualifications
  • Knowledge of the evolving global security environment, including emerging areas of concern, asymmetric threats, and Special Operations capabilities, challenges and priorities
  • Experience deploying to austere and challenging environments
  • Bachelor of Arts or Sciences degree in international relations, government, history, journalism, communications, marketing, business administration or other relevant field; or the equivalent through workplace experience

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