Senior Product Manager
Posted on 12/22/2022
Canada • Remote in USA
Experience Level
  • You have 5+ years in technical product management, product strategy, or a similar role, ideally at a B2B health tech or health care company
  • You are thoughtful about your work, knowing when to zoom in on details and zoom out on the bigger picture. You love understanding the reasons behind decisions and raise creative solutions in solving problems
  • You are highly organized and are able to keep track of multiple threads easily. Team members are confident in a product outcome when they know you're owning it
  • You have high bandwidth and high productivity; others wonder where you find time to do all you do. Your secret is that you are quick to understand, formulate and respond
  • You write exceptional documents, presentations, diagrams, and mockups. Your documentation leads to discussions about the content, not about what is intended
  • You are a great communicator and have the confidence to lead planning meetings with anyone or any group within the company. You have the ability to explain strategies, rationales and products in terms that each audience can understand
  • You are motivated by getting stuff done. You are wired to both set the big vision and to make continual steps towards that vision. Neither vision setting nor execution is satisfactory by itself to you - you want both
  • You are a team player. You always put yourself in other's positions and understand their motivations, needs, perspectives and potential points of confusion. You know that winning together is the best way to win
  • You are proactive. You define how the product should evolve and bias to action
  • Set the vision for your product by outlining the customer need, how we solve the problem, and how this will evolve in 3 months, 1 year, and 5 years from now
  • Be customer centric by obsessing about solving the customer's problem. You engage with customers and customer-facing teams on a daily basis and see shipping features as just one tool in your toolkit
  • Be decisive by identifying current and future areas of ambiguity and providing direction along with reasoning and analysis. Others see you as a source of authority, reinforced by your exceptional judgment on a range of issues, including business, technical and organizational and an ability to articulate your perspective effectively
  • Drive execution by writing great product requirements that provide clarity and motivation for what we need to build. You will be noted for your ability to generate workable solutions, avoid potholes, take good ideas from wherever they come, all anchored by a complete understanding of the systems your product touches and the ways in which they are used in practice. As part of the requirement development process, you know how to lead discussions and bring others along with you
  • Drive adoption by working closely across an organization. You add value to this process by removing objections and roadblocks; you get value from this process by getting a firsthand view of how the product is received
  • Be a leader through example and attitude
Desired Qualifications
  • You are data-centric and have a passion for data structures and algorithms. points if you've tackled an enterprise-wide database product

51-200 employees

Healthcare data platform
Company Overview
Datavant's mission is to connect the world’s health data to improve patient outcomes.
  • Competitive Salaries & Rewards
  • Generous Parental & Family Leave
  • Ability to work anywhere in the US and Canada
  • Meaningful equity
  • Competitive Benefits – Full Family Coverage
  • WFH Stipend & Monthly Credit
  • Commitment to Learning & Development
  • Unlimited PTO
Company Core Values
  • More Responsibility, Fewer Rules - We have a culture of trust. Every Datavanter has a real project from their first week. Engineers begin checking in code almost immediately.
  • We Grow Leaders - We promote from within to preserve culture and provide unrivaled growth opportunities for our team members.
  • Perfect Is Good, Done Is Better - We move quickly, with a bias towards action.
  • Time Is Our Most Valuable Asset - We prioritize automation and proactively eliminate bottlenecks. And aim to be punctual.
  • Playing To Strengths - As an organization, we only build products and compete in markets where we decisively can win. As team members, we focus on our individual super-powers instead of correcting for weaknesses.
  • Feedback Is A Gift - We proactively provide feedback to our peers and managers in the same warm, open-minded spirit of giving or receiving a gift to a friend. As an organization, we are transparent about both the problems and successes facing the company.
  • We Work Hard - We believe that success requires long hours and is driven more by perspiration than inspiration. We don’t rest on past successes, individually or as a company.
  • Always Pass The “Loved One Test” - You should be proud of the work you do with us, and we won’t make decisions that compromise that.