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Applied Cryptographer
Trust Protocols, E2Ee, Open Source
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Remote • United States
Experience Level
  • Applied Cryptography & Cryptographic Protocols
  • Writing security sensitive code
  • Authentication & Authorization protocols
  • Secure Channels, Noise Protocol Framework, Strobe Protocol Framework, TLS and AKEs
  • Misuse-resistant Secure API design
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), x509 etc
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • Individual and collaborative project management leadership
  • 10+ years of engineering experience
  • Building complex code bases
  • Common networking and messaging protocols
  • Distributed systems
  • Git and GitHub's workflow
  • Consuming and contributing to open source codebases
  • Multiple programming languages
  • In this role, you will be responsible for the cryptographic design and implementation of Ockam protocols to create end-to-end application layer trust in data
  • We believe that, in order to have a realistically manageable vulnerability surface, all modern applications need end-to-end guarantees of data integrity and authenticity
  • The only way to build secure and private applications is to remove unnecessary implicit trust in network boundaries, intermediaries and infrastructure

11-50 employees

Data security & encryption software
Company Overview
Ockam’s mission is to empower every developer with simple tools to create applications that build trust in data. Ockam has a simple developer experience and powerful primitives that orchestrate end-to-end encryption, key management, authorization policy enforcement, and mutual authentication.
Company Core Values
  • High-performance
  • Simple
  • Transparent
  • Time efficient