Proprietary Risk Trader
Equity Vol
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1,001-5,000 employees

Proprietary trading firm
Quantitative Finance
Company Overview
DRW's mission is to build revolutionary finance. The company is doing this by building a system that applies modeling, technology and quantitative research to identify opportunities in the global financial markets.
London, UK
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Finance & Banking
Quantitative Finance
  • Strong risk adjusted returns over multiple years and in diverse market conditions (Sharpe > 1.5)
  • Ability to clearly and concisely explain your edge, analytical framework and risk management methodologies
  • Capable to be independently profitable in global markets, without relying on Client flow
  • Demonstrated track record of exceptional risk management during multiple volatile market situations
  • Proven avoidance of left tail negative outcomes during your trading career
  • Deep understanding of the products you trade and the how liquidity conditions impact on them
  • Experience presenting your trading strategy framework to management, setting revenue budgets and periodically reporting mark to market
  • Taking proprietary positions in Global Equity Vol markets
  • Partnering with our Risk Management colleagues to ensure they understand all aspects of the trading strategies and associated analytics framework
  • Ensuring Trading Management are kept up to date on your positions and rationale for taking specific risks
  • Working with the Quant and Data teams to support an analytics and backtesting framework for your trades
  • Monitoring and reporting on trade execution costs and market impact as an input to broker/dealer selection
  • Quarterly presentation to trading management on strategy performance and go-forward planning
  • Development of junior talent via the Quantitative Trading Analyst program