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Senior Engineer
Open Source
Posted on 11/17/2022
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Development Operations (DevOps)
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
  • Expertise in architecting and designing APIs in Rust or C++
  • Knowledge of Type Systems, Generics, Futures, Async/Await, Tokio
  • Deep understanding of library API and CLI design and documentation
  • Built components in complex codebases
  • Used modern build systems, CI/CD pipelines and DevOps
  • Consumed and contributed to open source codebases
  • Experienced with Git and GitHub workflows
  • 10+ years of experience building low-level and backend systems
  • Distributed systems, Actor-based concurrent systems and Messaging protocols
  • Provisioning and operating basic cloud services in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud
  • Familiarity with multiple programming languages
  • Learn about how Ockam's Rust libraries, Ockam Protocols and Ockam Orchestrator work
  • Have 1x1s and pairing sessions with the team members that you'll be working with closely and get to know your engineering peers
  • If you are new to Rust or have dabbled in it in the past, this month will be a great opportunity for you to spend time doing tutorials and learning the fundamentals of Rust
  • Do a deep dive into the code base and learn more about the inner workings of our Rust libraries
  • Learn about what processes our team currently has in place and how we get work done
  • Tackle your first ticket by committing code to one of our repos
  • In this role, you will be responsible for designing and developing Ockam's Rust Open Source library and Command Line

11-50 employees

Data security & encryption software
Company Overview
Ockam’s mission is to empower every developer with simple tools to create applications that build trust in data. Ockam has a simple developer experience and powerful primitives that orchestrate end-to-end encryption, key management, authorization policy enforcement, and mutual authentication.
Company Core Values
  • High-performance
  • Simple
  • Transparent
  • Time efficient