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Sr. Software Engineer- Core Architecture
Posted on 4/12/2022
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Science
Google Cloud Platform
  • You write idiomatic JavaScript/Node.js; Golang, Java, Python, Scala, or Ruby is helpful
  • You use a modern version-control system for your source code repository (Git, Mercurial, GitHub, BitBucket)
  • You lint all your code or know you should
  • You know what parts of your code require tests and you write those tests
  • You use strong, objective judgement in leveraging the right frameworks and technologies
  • You are versed in cloud computing systems (GCP, AWS, etc.) and SAAS concepts
  • You build modern, resilient and operationally sane backend systems exemplifying industry standards (HTTP REST, GraphQL, Steam processing, Big Data)
  • You leverage continuous integration systems to their full extend (CircleCI, Bamboo, Jenkins, TravisCI)
  • You plan for, built, evolve and scrutinize monitoring and alerting for your production systems
  • You are willing and able to deploy, troubleshoot, and maintain your systems in production and staging environments
  • Design, build and operate APIs with a focus on performance and reliability
  • Participate in new feature development for the PayPal Shopping engineers to interact with our backend data architecture
  • Evaluate storage technologies and methodologies with an eye toward scalability and performance
  • Architect, design, write, review, and test code in a collaborative environment with other software engineers
  • Leverage your peers as multipliers for your skills to create excellent products and services for our millions of users
  • Help to design, implement, and maintain platform level solutions used by other engineering teams and the larger PayPal organization
  • Work closely with SRE and Cyber Security teams to prevent and mitigate attacks; plan and implement large scale events
Desired Qualifications
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, Docker, CircleCI, Git, Golang, Java
  • Experience with GraphQL, GraphQL Federation, REST APIs and supporting network protocols
  • Experience with a distributed SQL platform like CockroachDB or Google Spanner
  • Experience with Hadoop, MapReduce, or other “Big Data” systems

10,001+ employees

Platform for online money transfers
Company Overview
PayPal is committed to our mission to democratize financial services for people all over the world. The company operates a global payments platform to help create a worldwide network of good.
  • A Stanford Navigator helps employees research providers and health conditions, and make informed decisions about health care
  • Advance Medical is available for all employees who are looking for a world-class specialist to provide an expert medical opinion for treatment plans
  • Stock Purchase Plans
  • Retirement Savings and Pension Plans
  • Stock Awards
  • Life Insurance and Disability Benefits
  • Paid Time Off
  • Four Weeks Paid Sabbatical for every Five Years of Service
  • Educational and Professional Development benefits
  • Matching Gifts & Volunteerism Opportunities
  • Matching Gifts
  • Skills-Based Volunteering
  • Green Teams
  • GIVE Teams
Company Core Values
  • Inclusion - Respect and value uniqueness and diversity of thought. We’re talking everyone, everywhere, at all times, regardless of background, level or circumstance. Ideas are richer and execution is stronger when everyone feels included.
  • Innovation - Create amazing experiences for our customers – whether merchant, consumer or the PayPal community. Think differently, look end-to-end and practice empathy by putting yourself in our customers’ shoes.
  • Collaboration - Work as a team, drive ownership and accountability, make decisions and get results. Foster trust, have integrity, champion each other and have each others’ backs. Eradicate silos and win as a team.
  • Wellness - Care for and actively support each other’s well-being. Create a super energizing workplace that brings out the best in our employees by nourishing our mental, physical and emotional balance.