Senior Software Engineer
Updated on 5/17/2023
New York, NY, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Science
Development Operations (DevOps)
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
  • Build, design, scale, and monitor developer tools and cloud infrastructure to support CI/CD workflows
  • Improve application deployment using containerization tools (e.g. Docker and Kubernetes)
  • Automate configuration and deployment process using Infrastructure as Code (e.g. Terraform) and Python or Bash
  • Partner with our data ingestion team to help them evolve the next version of our data acquisition platform
  • Partner with our API and visualization teams to help them evolve the next version of our data serving platform
  • Partner with our data science teams to help them securely and easily access our data streams, capture their science and provide pathways for them to deploy their science within our products
  • Work within the DevOps team to provide easy to use developer experience tooling and processes facilitating engineers across all teams to build well-tested and well-architected components into our architecture
  • Work with the platform teams to capture and facilitate their engineering work as they evolve the next generation of our internal serving platform
  • Someone who is passionate about helping other engineers get things done efficiently
  • Adept at, and motivated by, the concept of trying to automate yourself out of a job
  • Internal customer focused team player; someone with a point of view who knows how to humbly express it and teach others to succeed technically
  • Open-minded about languages/tools/frameworks, and able to make good decisions about which to use (and when) to solve a particular problem
  • Experience with enterprise cloud infrastructure and services (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Proficiency in Terraform, Pulumi or any Infrastructure as Code platform
  • Experience with Git, Github or other CICD tooling
  • Python proficiency
  • BS in Computer Science, a related technical field, or equivalent practical experience
  • 6+ years of relevant industry experience
Desired Qualifications
  • Familiarity with Postgres, Docker, Kubernetes or container orchestration in general, Rust, Airflow, DataBricks, Flyway, Flux, Kompose
  • Proficiency with a systems programming language (e.g. C/C++, Rust, Go, etc.)
  • Strong Desire to ensure the Director never introduces Perl into production
  • Experience in technical leadership, leading project teams, and setting technical direction
Gro Intelligence

51-200 employees

Agriculture & climate insight platform
Company Overview
Gro's mission is to illuminate the interrelationships between the Earth’s ecology and our human economy, the company allows users to see the big picture and act on the small details. From assessing the impact of climate change in real time to optimizing agricultural supply chains, Gro’s data, analytics, and forecast models provide the honest answers to what on earth is going on.
  • Equity
  • Generous PTO policy
  • Health, vision, & dental insurance
Company Core Values
  • Teach
  • Ask
  • Listen
  • Always learn