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Speech analytics software for offline commerce improvement
Company Overview
Rillavoice is a unique player in the market, providing speech analytics software for offline commerce, a sector that constitutes 85% of all commerce. Their technology records, transcribes, and analyzes face-to-face conversations, offering valuable insights to improve customer service and sales. The company's approach to data collection is transparent and accepted by customers, as evidenced by their own research, making Rillavoice a leader in ethical data usage.
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New York, New York

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New York, NY, USA
Experience Level
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Sales & Account Management
  • A customer obsessive. Someone who deeply cares about delighting customers and solving their pains, not about vanity metrics
  • An infinite learner. You are always looking to learn more and learn faster. You feel uneasy when you get complacent, and you're constantly seeking discomfort
  • A team player. You love giving and receiving feedback, and learning and growing as a team
  • Unafraid of failure. You take risks. You see failure as an opportunity to learn, grow, and be better the next time. You're not afraid of trying out unconventional ideas. You're excited by the unconventional
  • Extremely focused. You practice extreme focus in everything you do. You're always looking to prioritize your time and resources to maximum efficiency
  • We're looking for a team player who loves to give and receive feedback, and functions well when coached. If you've succeeded in organized team sports (including e-sports), this is probably you
  • You have to be highly organized and attentive to detail. If your room is clean, you keep tidy to-do lists and a well managed calendar, this is probably you
  • You have something to prove. You're resourceful, persistent, extremely competitive, and unrelentingly positive even in the face of failure
  • You know how to communicate well verbally and in writing. If you've ever done stand up comedy, or any sort of creative writing that doesn't suck, that's a plus for us
  • Travel to conferences to close deals with prospective customers on the spot, or book demos for our AEs. You'll be doing a lot of traveling
  • Follow up with the massive amounts of leads we get from conferences through email or calling
  • Call inbound leads we get organically from our website
  • Build pipeline by reactivating leads that went cold previously
  • Cold outreach to leads on Linkedin, calling, and targeted email campaigns
  • Participate in constant training sessions with our sales team
  • Put out fires. Help with anything that's needed. Your main priority will be to help our startup grow faster