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Staff Software Engineer
Posted on 11/12/2021
Remote in USA • Remote
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Google Cloud Platform
Operating Systems
  • You write code because you want people to use it. Almost nothing frustrates you more than wasted time writing code that doesn't have value; that doesn't contribute to solving a problem that matters. Working on a list of requirements chiseled on a stone tablet by someone on the business team holds no interest for you. You want to fully understand the problem you are solving. You want to understand the customers you're solving it for. You listen to them directly, ask them questions, and reach beyond their words to understand their needs. Then, and only then, you start designing software and leading your peers through a discussion of potential solutions. Understanding that thorny problems do not require complex solutions, you settle on a design that is simple and elegant. You safeguard that simplicity as your team turns design into reality. When it launches, the solution blows your customers away. It is not the solution they asked for, it is the solution they are amazed to find they needed all along
  • You are a rock for others when they are adrift. When those around you have no idea where to start, you decompose an ambiguous problem and lay out the first steps. You can't stand to be beat by a problem and are persistent almost to a fault. You rally your team to finish what they start. You know that the biggest impact comes from disrupting the status quo. If you know how you're going to get there, it's probably not worth taking the trip. You love learning. You are comfortable just outside the boundaries of your comfort zone. (You get what we're talking about even though that last sentence doesn't really make any sense)
  • Your teammates have pulled you aside from time to time just to tell you how much they enjoy working with you. You share your knowledge and ideas freely. You point out opportunities where your team can improve, but no one thinks of you as overbearing. You admit mistakes out loud, so that everyone can benefit from what you learned. You make others feel comfortable and included by being vulnerable. You have a sense of humor, or you appreciate it in others. You persuade others with your conviction, but you listen at the same time. You always look to disconfirm your own beliefs. You express gratitude and recognize good work. You are an outstanding mentor who adapts your style to each mentee, making liberal and instinctive use of the Socratic method. If you just Googled the Socratic method, you are thinking, Yeah I do that. Why didn't they just say make people think for themselves. Sheesh
  • Good software design can handle what the future throws at it. Your code doesn't just solve the problem at hand, it is extensible and scales to meet an order of magnitude more use than anyone expects. You have definite opinions about everything from languages to libraries and operating systems to object-oriented design patterns, but you stop short of zealousness. You understand that varied software problems require varied software solutions. You enjoy working with people who do not always agree with you because their challenges and proposals make solutions stronger
  • You know that all measures of test comprehensiveness, operational stability, and developer productivity are woefully incomplete (unless you have discovered the one ring of developer metrics - in which case, please come work with us!). 100% code coverage is impossible and probably doesn't even mean 100%. 40% code coverage isn't necessarily bad. Alarms are almost always too sensitive or incomplete, so trigger rates don't tell the whole story. And if any lunatic ever suggests that number of lines written has anything to do with a codebase's value, you get stuck halfway between laughing and crying
  • You have written code professionally for many years and have experience with more than one strongly-typed language and some loosely-typed languages as well. You have practical experience in some of the following areas: writing cloud-hosted code (like AWS, or GCP); using SQL (like PostgreSQL) and noSQL databases (like Cassandra or ScyllaDB); managing code in a repository (like Git); writing Go code; using Terraform; designing and implementing horizontally scalable services; implementing authentication (like OAuth2 and OIDC). After reading this list, you know you can mentor people in a few of these areas, and you're excited to learn what you don't already know

1,001-5,000 employees

Retailer of officially licensed sports merchandise
Company Overview
Fanatics mission is to facilitate sports community through apparel. The company is one of the largest retailers of officially licensed sports merchandise.
  • Work Life Balance - At Fanatics we place our focus on results and empowerment and encourage you to enjoy your time on and OFF the field with our competitive time off policies.
  • Recognition and Rewards Program - Fanatics values our internal fans too! Our programs are designed to thank and reward Fanatics athletes for their hard work and commitment to winning as a team.
  • Company Sponsored Events - From breakfast to happy hour and every hour in between – Fanatics employees can enjoy time together at one of our many company events.
  • Fanatics.com Employee Discount - As an employee you will receive a special discount on all of your favorite sports merchandise and memorabilia.
  • Give Back - Fanatics cares about the fans around us. We encourage you to partner up with your teammates in giving back and serving the communities where we work and play.
  • Meet & Greets - You never know who will show up to the office. You might just meet one of your all-time favorite athletes.
  • Invest in You - Here at Fanatics we want you to accomplish your goals. We offer tuition reimbursement.
  • Healthy Lifestyle - Fanatics cares about helping and supporting our teams in their busy lifestyles. Through wellness relationships with fitness and weight management partners we are here to support you in whatever your lifestyle goals.
  • Wellness Coverage - Your health is important to you – and it’s important to us too! We offer a number of benefit plan options for convenience and flexibility.
  • Financial Security - Through our plans, Fanatics offers you a way to budget for health care expenses that you’d typically pay for out of pocket.
  • Retirement - The sooner you begin planning for your retirement, the better. Fanatics offers generous plans to help you prepare for the future.
  • Network of Support - Fanatics understands that sometimes you may need someone in your corner. Through the Life Assistance Program, you and your family have access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Fanatics Family First - Afterall we are #OneFanatics. Put your family first with our paid maternity and paternity leave program, or take advantage of our infertility treatment reimbursement program to get the support you need while you try to grow your family.
  • IDEA - We invite you to join one of our Employee Resource groups, or celebrate and honor what’s most important to you through our IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equality & Advocacy) floating holiday. We recognize diversity helps foster innovation, and people perform better when they can be themselves. Gender Affirmation Treatment reimbursement is available to employees.
Company Values
  • By Fans, For Fans - By Fans = Bringing passion and pride to the work we do; For Fans = Exceeding fan expectations
  • One Fanatics... Win As A Team - Our combined efforts; growing and succeeding together; WE before ME
  • Missionary, Not Mercenary - At Fanatics, working here is more than a paycheck, it’s doing what you love everyday
  • Innovative Products and Fan Experiences - Offering fans unique products and ultimate experiences – there is no one else doing what we do, better than we do it
  • Execution and Agility... Over Talk - Quickly adapting and delivering our best in a fast-paced, high growth environment while maintaining humility