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Chicago, IL, USA
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Adobe After Effects
  • Our vision is to inspire brands and people to impact the world. To create big ideas that make a significant contribution to the planet, society, and the bottom line. We believe in today's world this is the best way for our clients to achieve sustainable growth
  • We achieve this by breaking down the barriers that restrict talent and ideas, we call this Borderless Creativity
  • Which is why our teams work fluidly across 5 capabilities Advertising, Experience, PR, Consulting and Health . This allows us to not only operate but innovate at the intersection of capabilities and talent. We believe impact and magic lies at this intersection. Ogilvy scales this by seamlessly connecting and accessing the deep cultural expertise of 132 offices in 83 countries
  • Memac Ogilvy is one of the leading creative networks in MENA with its flagship office in the UAE and a strong local footprint in the GCC and North Africa. It is part of the formidable worldwide WPP & Ogilvy network. It's the only truly integrated comms network - with Consulting, Advertising- Brand & Content, PR, Experience & Health under 1 P&L and under single leadership. Memac Ogilvy is the most integrated modern creative and effective partner for client growth in MENA. We inspire brands and people to impact the world. We deliver on this by combining expert and new capabilities for modern marketing solutions, with solid project management expertise for agile and effective delivery as well as a thorough and passionate People agenda
  • The agency is the most awarded Middle Eastern agency in Cannes as well as a big winner at the local award show Lynx. It counts around 500 staff members
  • Memac Ogilvy celebrates its people. Fully. Enthusiastically. Unhesitatingly. We'll empower you with the tools you'll need to succeed. We'll give you the autonomy to seek out new paths and better ways of doing things. We'll support you with colleagues who are experts in their disciplines, drawn from across the Ogilvy network. And we'll provide opportunities for you to do work of which you'll be proud, with people you'll be proud to call your teammates
  • Concept Development: Collaborate with the creative team, including art directors, copywriters, and designers, to conceptualize and develop engaging animations that align with the overall creative vision, campaign objectives, and client requirements
  • Storyboarding: Create detailed storyboards that effectively communicate the visual narrative and demonstrate a clear understanding of the animation's pacing, timing, and transitions
  • Animation Production: Design and animate 2D and/or 3D assets, characters, and scenes, utilizing various animation techniques and software to achieve the desired look and feel for each project
  • Technical Expertise: Maintain proficiency in industry-standard animation software and tools, such as Adobe After Effects, Toon Boom, Cinema 4D, or Maya, and keep up-to-date with emerging technologies and trends to ensure that the quality of work remains competitive and cutting-edge
  • Rigging and Modeling: Develop and refine character rigs and models, as needed, to ensure efficient and seamless animation production
  • Quality Control: Perform thorough quality checks on all animation work, ensuring that the final output meets the agency's high standards and adheres to the established style guidelines
  • Client Communication: Present animation concepts, progress updates, and completed work to clients, incorporating their feedback and addressing any concerns in a professional and timely manner
  • Project Management: Manage multiple animation projects simultaneously, prioritizing tasks and meeting tight deadlines, while maintaining exceptional attention to detail and adhering to the agency's workflow processes
  • Team Collaboration: Actively participate in team meetings and brainstorming sessions, sharing your animation expertise and providing constructive feedback on other team members' work to foster a culture of continuous improvement and creative excellence
  • Continuous Learning: Pursue ongoing professional development opportunities to expand your skillset and stay current with industry trends and best practices in animation and related fields

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