Senior Software Engineer
Perception Sensors
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Agility Robotics

201-500 employees

Designs and manufactures human-centric, multi-purpose logistics robots.
Company Overview
Agility Robotics stands out for its commitment to functional design and technical excellence, creating robots like Digit, specifically engineered for logistics work in human-centric environments such as warehouses and distribution centers. The company's unique blend of scientific research and top-tier engineering has resulted in practical, efficient solutions for bulk material handling. This focus on creating robots that seamlessly integrate into human-designed spaces demonstrates Agility Robotics' industry leadership and competitive edge in the robotics field.
Industrial & Manufacturing
Robotics & Automation

Company Stage

Series B

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Tangent, Oregon

Growth & Insights

6 month growth


1 year growth


2 year growth

Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Structures & Algorithms
AI & Machine Learning
Hardware Engineering
Software Engineering
  • Fluent in C++ (c++17 and up preferred). Extensive experience with statically typed languages and memory management also considered
  • Expert in system design, data structures, multi-threading, memory management, data structures, object-oriented programming, and common design patterns
  • Ability to introspect, analyze, and debug large, complicated software systems
  • Strong system design skills and experience for hardware adjacent software
  • Ability to communicate and document designs and projects
  • Work with and mentor junior engineers
  • Worked on real-time projects that process lots of data with low latency
  • Love working on software that interacts with real world devices
  • Drive efforts to develop and maintain an efficient and reliable onboard sensing system for our current and next generation products, going from raw data generated by a variety of sensor modalities to consumable data for perception algorithms
  • Write performant, well-tested, maintainable, and well documented C++ software
  • Implement automated testing to ensure the robustness of both the sensor hardware and software, ensuring that sensors work and handle errors gracefully no matter what environment the robot encounters
  • Write tools to analyze and visualize sensor performance and calibration accuracy and precision
  • Evaluate a variety of cutting-edge sensors to determine the optimal sensing system for our next-generation robots
  • Work with cross-functional teams to communicate perception system requirements, evaluate trade-offs in sensing technologies, and optimize the sensing system architecture to meet those requirements
  • Develop algorithms for onboard sensor fault and anomaly detection
  • Develop accurate, repeatable and production ready sensor calibration systems
  • Test and deploy code on a state-of-the-art humanoid robot
Desired Qualifications
  • Preferably worked at a robotics company, but any hardware company with lots of sensors is good (AR/VR, drones, cars, etc)
  • Experience working with a variety of sensors (monocular cameras, stereo cameras, lidar, ect)
  • Vision sensor calibration experience
  • Developed on constrained embedded systems
  • Can tinker with low level hardware (microcontrollers, signal generation, etc)
  • Have written Linux drivers or at least built Linux OS from scratch
  • Familiar with networking protocols, display drivers, rendering
  • Experience with high-speed data protocols
  • Experience with GPU architectures and CUDA programing