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Software Engineer II
Python Platform
Posted on 12/30/2022
Toronto, ON, Canada
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • Proficiency in Python 3 and knowledge of Python best practices and antipatterns
  • History of delivering high value software systems with high test coverage
  • Ability to work effectively with people and enjoy helping others achieve their goals
  • Experience with the following would also be a plus:
  • Python wheel building and the manylinux standard
  • Best practices for maintaining and releasing semantically versioned libraries
  • Helm (chart development) and Docker (image optimization)
  • Buildkite or similar CI/CD platforms
  • Application Deployment: Build tools for managing deployable applications and developing in containerized environments that mirror production (Publishing base docker images, helm charts, CI CD integrations, automated manylinux wheel building)
  • Core Libraries: Maintain python packages that bridge the gap between internal Wayfair systems and open source software
  • Application Templates: Curate application templates for common use cases (e.g. deployable HTTP application, streaming data producer consumer, Python package, etc.), that propagate best practice patterns and allow developers to initialize and deploy new microservices to production in minutes
  • Auxiliary Engineering: Partner directly with other Python teams to foster development practices that increase velocity and build a sustained culture of quality

5,001-10,000 employees

Online home goods retailer
Company Overview
Wayfair's mission is on a mission to help everyone, anywhere create their feeling of home. Wayfair is an online retailer that offers a wide selection of home furnishings and decor.
Company Core Values
  • Relentless customer focus
  • Deliver results with agility
  • Use good judgement
  • Build the best team
  • Collaborate effectively
  • Respect others
  • Be an owner
  • Innovate & improve
  • Adapt & grow