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Boeing Pre-Employment Training

Bpet, Wire Assembler Group, And

Posted on 6/21/2024

The Boeing Company

The Boeing Company

10,001+ employees

Manufactures commercial airplanes and defense systems


Compensation Overview

$18 - $42.55Hourly

+ Variable Compensation Opportunities


Everett, WA, USA

Materials & Structures
Aerospace Engineering
  • Be a student or recent graduate of a Boeing Pre-Employment Training course with a signed form from your instructor
  • Perform crimping, inserting, rerouting, installing and re-installation of wiring
  • Research wire type, gauge, length, etc. to perform repair functions
  • Work from specifications, Production Illustrations, and other information to complete wiring tasks
  • Verify completed work against quality specifications
  • Perform fabrication and/or assembly processes on the airplane
  • Determine set-up and materials required for the job
  • Prepare materials, parts, standards, and tools required for the job
  • Provide wiring assistance to factory, interior, and flight line areas
  • Fabricate wire bundles, electrical shelves, or panels as required
  • Install wire bundles into electrical panels or shelves
  • Check continuity of electrical assemblies using test lights or ohmmeter
  • Handle and dispose of hazardous materials in an approved manner
  • Check work after completion of each operation to ensure it is complete per drawing
  • Maintain personal and tool certifications as required
  • Consult with management and others on process or job-related issues
  • Perform rework as required
  • Contact lead/supervisor when assistance is needed
  • Maintain 100% onsite presence

Boeing excels as a premier provider of commercial airplanes and aerospace solutions, characterized by a strong emphasis on advanced technology and a commitment to innovation. The company consistently leads in its field by implementing state-of-the-art aerospace solutions. This makes it an exemplary workplace for individuals passionate about pushing the boundaries of aerospace development and who thrive in environments that prioritize technological advancement and industry leadership.

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Arlington, Virginia



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