Staff Software Engineer
Posted on 2/28/2023
Culver City, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • Experience developing and leading the highest priority initiatives, delivering on customer satisfaction while also meeting business expectations
  • Experience working in the media & entertainment space, building highly scalable, enjoyable user experiences, and are familiar with the intricacies required for streaming video
  • Skilled Typescript / Javascript engineer
  • Understand cloud and system components, profile bottlenecks and eager to re-design & re-architect the system
  • Enjoy working with engineering teams on day-to-day delivery blockers, listening to issues faced within teams, and providing unbiased, business focused solutions
  • Strong development and architectural instincts
  • You code and build quality and scalable software taking on the hardest problems that can be used by others
  • Your documentation sets the standard for all engineers in the organization
  • You lead through influence versus authority, you know how to navigate difficult subjects and resolve contentious issues
  • You advocate for the creation of new software only when it is necessary, and you can determine when to build a solution versus when to use off the shelf components
  • Experience building, deploying, and maintaining cloud native infrastructure
  • Ability to lead investigations into failing critical business processes while delegating work to individuals and providing appropriate communication with key partners
  • Unwavering confidence in the face of uncertainty, capable of guiding teams to success by examining risks and providing unique solutions
  • Golang development experience
  • Streaming/Content Management engineering expertise
  • Worked at a streaming media company
  • Work with engineers, product managers, and project managers to implement new features across Crunchyroll's CMS
  • Improve the scalability of our services through proper planning and load testing
  • Improve the availability of our platform through better monitoring, performance reporting, and error reporting
  • Improve the server response times of our APIs by profiling, identifying, and eliminating bottlenecks
  • Consider system security in every design decision
  • Work with operations to evaluate new infrastructure
  • Research and generate ways to serve our customers
  • Plan, analyze, and optimize to help our team growth
  • Support and improve internal processes
  • Collaborate with other teams within the company

501-1,000 employees

Anime streaming service