R&D Technician I/II
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
San Carlos, CA, USA
Experience Level
  • A safety-first mentality and proactively keep an eye out for safety issues
  • Self-motivation with strong oral and written communication skills with good organization skills
  • Ability to continuously establish and maintain excellent record keeping, inventory, and accountability
  • Ability to work with a diverse, dynamic team reliably
  • Efficient multitasker skills
  • Ability to lift items weighing up to 50lbs (infrequent with assistance if needed)
  • Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Be an active and reliable member of Impossible Foods' Process Development & Piloting Team operating oil seed processing technologies and equipment
  • Help maintain general housekeeping in all areas of the pilot plant
  • Follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), production batch records
  • Participate in solving problems surrounding pilot processing, quality and equipment failures
  • Work in a food certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility requiring Proper Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Complete Clean-in-Place, Clean-out-of-Place and Sanitation of equipment and processing parts
  • Maintain a clean, sanitary, organized and safe workplace
  • Help with deliveries and the warehouse
  • Maintain Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and GMP standards within the facility
  • Assist in inventory management for Raw Materials and Finished Products
Desired Qualifications
  • 1-2 years of experience in pilot plant or manufacturing operations
  • Experience working with solvents
  • Familiarity or understanding of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Documentation Practices (GDP)
  • Familiarity & understanding of CIP, COP, SIP and SAN Operations
  • Forklift certification
  • Basic knowledge of Google Sheets
Impossible Foods

501-1,000 employees

Plant-based Meat
Company Overview
Impossible Foods' mission is to make our global food system truly sustainable. The company is developing plant-based alternatives to meat.
  • Paid mission days - Get paid to spend two days a year reconnecting with our mission! Spend it in nature or team up with colleagues to serve local communities and contribute to the greater good.
  • Generous time off policy - We offer 4 weeks paid time off, 10 paid holidays, and 2 floating holidays, so you’ll be able to take the time you need to relax and recharge.
  • Health & wellness - To keep your body and mind healthy, we offer premium medical coverage, emotional support resources, and access to a fitness center at our Redwood City Headquarters
  • Generous equity package - We offer meaningful ownership in our company so all employees can share in Impossible Foods’ success.
  • Financial security - To help you feel financially supported, no matter what the future holds, we offer 401k plans, life insurance, and disability insurance.
  • Commuter benefits - Save hundreds per year on commuter fees.
Company Core Values
  • Lead with Heart - Love what you do and care about the people around you. (Seriously!) Be kind and generous. Assume others have good intentions. Communicate with empathy and honesty, including when you are providing feedback. Share and welcome new information and ideas, particularly those that challenge convention. Kindness, empathy and honesty make the difference between a bunch of people who happen to work at the same corporation and a team coming together to tackle the world’s most formidable challenge.
  • Stand up for what's right - Stand up against injustice, intolerance, and racism when you see it. Build and nurture diverse teams that reflect our global mission. Empower every single individual to fully harness their unique talents, personalities and perspectives. Be an ally, advocate, coach, mentor and sponsor. Recognize, mitigate and eradicate unconscious bias. We are a stronger company when we are informed by diverse backgrounds, experiences and points of view.
  • Think like scientists -Embrace your curiosity. Challenge assumptions. Recognize that there’s a lot we still need to discover and figure out to achieve our mission. Require evidence and reject dogma. Question the conventional wisdom in science, food and the business world -- until evidence proves otherwise. Discover the truth with a scientific approach to everything, across all departments.
  • Go for 10^12 - We need to replace 10^12 lbs of animal products to achieve our mission. 10^11 lbs won’t save the world. Being a successful food company isn’t enough. Even being the most successful food company in history isn’t enough. We need to grow exponentially, doubling in scale every year for the next 15. That means not only growing the scale of our impact and our business every year, but scaling faster and faster every year. We need to keep investing in exponential growth, and betting on our success well before a return is guaranteed. What feels big now, in 5 years or even in 10 years will look tiny in our rearview mirror.
  • Blast ahead! - Go for the most ambitious goals. Find a way through, over or around the obstacles. Bias towards action. When in doubt, take initiative. Don’t let fear of failure or criticism stop you. Almost everything we need to do will be risky, hard and controversial -- but given the urgency of our mission, the opportunity cost of avoiding risk, delaying action or thinking small is the biggest risk of all. We won’t make 10^12 impact without repeatedly trying things that we know might fail -- and often they will. Creating crazy-ambitious experiments -- and learning when they fail -- is good science, good business and the only way we will succeed.