Développeur Frontend Senior/Senior Frontend Software Developer
Posted on 9/18/2023

501-1,000 employees

Enhances travel industry revenue through ancillary solutions.
Company Overview
Plusgrade, a trusted partner to over 200 global companies in the travel and financial services sectors, excels in creating high-impact customer experiences and substantial revenue enhancements through its ancillary revenue solutions. The company's competitive edge lies in its ability to generate billions in new revenue opportunities for its partners, demonstrating its industry leadership. Additionally, its subsidiary, Points, offers unique ways to enhance the utility of loyalty program currencies for members, further driving revenue for travel companies.
Consumer Software
Data & Analytics

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Montreal, Canada

Growth & Insights

6 month growth


1 year growth


2 year growth

Montreal, QC, Canada
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Data Structures & Algorithms
Software Engineering
  • Maîtrise des langages de programmation TypeScript ou JavaScript
  • Une grande expérience avec React (ou des bibliothèques frontend similaires telles qu'Angular, Vue.js, Flutter) et une bibliothèque de gestion de l'état comme MobX, Redux, Ngrx Store ou Vuex
  • Expérience en matière de designs réactifs, CSS 3, SASS/SCSS, ou CSS-in-JS
  • Connaissance de HTML 5, JSON, HTTP, CORS, ou des pages mobiles accélérées (AMP)
  • Expérience dans la création d'applications sur AWS ou d'autres fournisseurs de services cloud
  • Diplôme de bachelor en sciences (BSc) ou expérience de formation équivalente
  • Vous vous sentez responsable du succès de votre équipe dans son ensemble
  • Vous vous engagez à respecter des délais réalistes, mais vous négociez la portée, le temps ou la qualité lorsque vous êtes confronté à des défis techniques
  • Solides bases en informatique : structures de données, algorithmes, langages de programmation, systèmes distribués et recherche d'informations
  • Compréhension des techniques de test, en particulier des tests automatisés
  • Connaissance de la gestion des balises, de la gouvernance des données, et du support de notre plateforme d'analyse
  • Expérience dans la gestion des balises au sein d'un système de gestion de balises et garantie de la rigueur des informations personnelles identifiables (PII) pour Google Analytics et les balises tierces
  • Connaissance générale des couches de données, de GA4, GTM et/ou volonté d'apprendre et d'être enthousiaste à l'égard des stratégies analytiques et de la programmation
  • Expérience en matière d'analyse d'applications mobiles
  • Nous accordons une attention particulière à toute expérience dans le domaine de la technologie aérienne ou du voyage (c'est un plus !)
  • Proficiency in TypeScript or Javascript programming languages
  • Great experience with React (or similar front-end libraries: Angular, Vue.js, Flutter) and a state manager library like MobX, Redux, Ngrx Store or Vuex
  • Experience with responsive designs, CSS 3, SASS/SCSS, or CSS-in-JS
  • Knowledge of HTML 5, JSON, HTTP, CORS, or Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Experience building applications in AWS, or other cloud providers
  • Bachelor's degree in Science (BSc), or equivalent training or work experience
  • You feel accountable for the success of your team as a whole
  • You commit to realistic timelines, but negotiate scope, time, or quality when faced with technical challenges
  • Strong computer science fundamentals: data structures, algorithms, programming languages, distributed systems, and information retrieval
  • Understanding of test techniques, especially for automated testing
  • Knowledge of managing tagging, data governance, and supporting our analytics platform
  • Experience managing tags in a tag management system and ensuring PII rigor for Google Analytics and 3rd party tags
  • General familiarity with data layers, GA4, GTM and/or willingness to learn and be excited about analytical strategies and coding
  • Experience with mobile app analytics
  • Develop and architect sleek and modern web applications, allowing passengers to purchase upgrades, and partners to operate and optimize their offering
  • Raise the bar for quality and excellence with pair programming, code review of pull requests, and hunger to learn or share your skills
  • Bring your perspective during the effort estimation of user stories, or lead a technical architecture discussion in front of a whiteboard
  • Assist our skilled support team and operations team in triaging and resolving issues
  • Look for opportunities to increase team velocity by improving technical designs, decoupling teams from each other, decreasing the deployment cycle time, automating repetitive tasks, or optimizing processes slowing down the team
  • Develop and design tagging structures for digital assets with the appropriate granularity and with minimal system performance impacts
  • Translate tracking requests from business teams into a digital analytics solution
Desired Qualifications
  • We pay special attention to any experience with airline or travel technology (this is a plus!)