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Senior Devops Engineer
Posted on 11/27/2022
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Development Operations (DevOps)
Ruby on Rails
  • Deployments to Development, Staging and Production:
  • Manage deployments to each environment:
  • Utilize Github protocols to determine and resolve root causes of merge conflicts or version mismatches
  • Utilize the deployment Runbook for Hotfix deployment as needed
  • Review, troubleshoot and approve Ruby on Rails (Ruby) scripting of the release bot app performed by more junior engineers to deploy code to different development environments
  • Review, troubleshoot and approve Bash scripting pull requests drafted by more junior engineers and approve and offer feedback that will improve code quality
  • Keep each environment working on a daily basis. Address any issues that might come up
  • Use Datadog monitoring to keep each development environment uptime at 99.999 uptime
  • Strategize and plan best use of Bash and Ruby scripting to automate health checks that will auto heal these environments in case of an error
  • Implement auto scaling strategies to address higher than usual traffic on these development environments
  • Assess the historical load and implement an autoscaling mechanism to add additional resources and computing to these environments in order to perform their workloads
  • Plan with DevOps on capacity planning and monitoring using Datadog
  • Analyze developer workflow by working closely with team leads and attending squad standup meetings and suggest improvements
  • Utilize Ruby and Bash to create tools to help engineers with their development workflow
  • Write infrastructure as script using Terraform to help create Heroku, AWS, Datadog and other technology
  • Write script using Circle CI yaml to help create development pipelines that will push code to the Dev, Staging and Production environments
  • Write bash scripts and Ruby scripts to automate the way we push code while adding a security check for vulnerabilities
  • Build Circle CI yaml and Bash scripting Canary Stages to our CI/CD pipeline
  • Add stages that will include stress testing mechanisms using Ruby on Rails, Python and bash scripting
  • Add health checks to prevent deployments to production during outages or 3rd party service failures utilizing infrastructure as code using Terraform and bash scripting
  • Automation for development, staging and production environment
  • Write bash scripting to help automate development workflows so that manual processes that are currently run by developers are automated
  • Help to automate the local development health check monitoring and logging mechanism which is either not there or faulty
  • Utilize Terraform to deploy and manage infrastructure
  • Bash scripting for tooling and automation of engineering workflows and CI/CD

1,001-5,000 employees

Roadside digital assistance platform
Company Overview
Agero's mission is to transform driver assistance programs for motorists everywhere. The company is committed to keep drivers safely moving forward through a powerful combination of people and technology.
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible time off
  • 401(k) matching
  • Tuition assistance
  • Commuter benefits
  • Fully remote opportunities