Principal Scientist/Senior Scientist
In Vivo Pharmacology
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Belmont, MA, USA
Experience Level
  • Ph.D. or M.S. in cell biology, pharmacology, or related field of biomedical sciences with a minimum of 5-7 years of experience in a drug discovery setting
  • Proficiency and hands-on experience with acute and chronic in vivo models of oncology, inflammation, or autoimmunity
  • Proficiency with pharmacokinetic principles and in vivo methodologies to drive understanding of PK/PD/Efficacy relationships
  • Excellent project management skills and the ability to effectively manage CROs and to facilitate interactions with academic labs and companies to ensure project progression
  • Strong interpersonal, collaborative and communication skills
  • Previous experience in ubiquitin proteasome system is preferred
  • Design and drive the execution of in vivo pharmacology strategies, both in-house and with external academic partners or CROs, to support Kymera's discovery and development programs
  • Identify or develop novel disease models to drive proof of mechanism and proof of concept studies
  • Deploy and perform PK/PD/Efficacy studies in relevant disease models to define exposure response relationships and determine appropriate dosing regimens
  • Work effectively with other disciplines, including cell biology, DMPK, and safety/tox to collectively build the preclinical data package for clinical candidate nomination
  • Play an active role in expanding and growing internal pharmacology capabilities
  • Mentor and manage junior scientist(s)
  • Participate in evaluation of novel targets and projects to continually refresh the drug discovery pipeline and progress the platform
  • Contribute to the preparation of regulatory submissions and publications
Kymera Therapeutics

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