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Product Designer
Updated on 2/3/2023
United States
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • Curious about developer problems-maybe you've worked with developer tools before
  • Putting out cool work. Whether you're prototyping product ideas, putting out fun marketing gear, or making design systems accessible; you're making it happen
  • Into our aesthetic. ReadMe is a fun brand to work for, so you'll love it if it resonates with you
  • Learn about the world of APIs, docs, and the developer tools space
  • Add yourself to the homepage; making your first ReadMe pull request
  • Collaborate with designers on projects; with pen and paper and in Figma
  • Start to lead projects of your own, like redesigning our drip campaigns, and adding features to improve our editor experience
  • Learn that we really do have an owl drawing for everything
  • Our team of designers, Ryan, Jaclyn, and Tony. All doing cool stuff and excited to have you be a part of that
  • Our Head of Developer Experience, Marc, who grew up in the frozen tundra of northern Minnesota. He's sometimes seen yelling at one of his cats to get out of the way of the TV
  • Our marketing team, led by Sarah, who is a proud Atlanta native and “surprisingly outdoorsy.”
  • Getting to understand customers and their issues by talking to them
  • Work on new pages of readme.com with a touch (loads of) whimsy
  • Build designs in Figma, or code (optional)
  • Other areas you'd like to make an impact

11-50 employees

Interactive developer documentation software