Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Posted on 9/7/2023
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  • Master's or Doctorate Degree in Nursing with focus on Psychiatric nursing
  • Current DEA License with “X” License of 275 limit or Qualify for X Waiver Increase
  • 3 years' experience as a PMHNP in medication assisted treatment and Psychiatric medicine
  • CPR certified within 3 months of hire
  • Ability to work in a hybrid environment with stable internet connection
  • Reliable transportation for mobile care
  • Graduation from a state-certified advance practice program specializing in psychiatry/mental health
  • Licensed with the state of Arizona
  • Must be able to pass a background check
  • Provide bio-psychosocial evaluations for adults at health centers and outreach sites
  • Provide medication management using specified guidelines at health centers and outreach sites
  • Refer clients to psychiatric and other emergency departments, substance abuse and mental health care providers, and other providers, as appropriate
  • Counsel mentally ill consumers and substance abusers on management of their illnesses
  • Incorporated evidence-based practices including cognitive behavioral therapy and self-management
  • Provide medication assisted treatment for eligible patients
  • Train staff, as needed, on management of behavioral health problems and other health issues
  • Train community and academic health care professionals to provide comprehensive, culturally competent, behavioral health care to people
  • Notify Infection Control Coordinator immediately of suspected or confirmed communicable diseases, which can be transmitted
  • Provides psychiatric treatment or consultation services to assigned clients and families as indicated and clinically appropriate, including managing an assigned caseload and completing documentation in a timely manner
  • Psychiatric evaluations and medication management documentation shall meet all stakeholder, payer, and regulatory expectations and include clinically appropriate diagnoses and recommendations
  • Utilizes evidence-based practices as appropriate for the individual client and program philosophy
  • Ensures clients are provided psychiatric services based on need and contractual agreements, ensuring these services are fully integrated into the overall treatment plan for each client
  • Prescribe buprenorphine-naloxone / buprenorphine to patients who are enrolled in the MAT program and who are in compliance with treatment contract
  • Maintaining accurate and timely records, writing reports, support letters; writing chart summaries for transfer or legal purposes as required
  • Providing emergency care (e.g., initiating CPR), treatment of anaphylaxis, acute asthma or other
  • Conditions as required
  • The PMHNP Candidate must be able to work flexible schedules in a hybrid model at multiple locations
  • Ensure that appropriate laboratory studies have been performed and reviewed, as needed
  • Ensure that a medical evaluation, including a medical history and physical examination, has been performed at admission and annually
  • Completes physical examinations, procedures lab specimens and records the results of the test, presents medical
  • Forms for the clinic physician's evaluation, consultation, and signature
  • Collaborate with counselors, social workers, or other treatment team members to coordinate client care
  • Collaborate with the multidisciplinary team to assist with quality improvement and development of creative strategies to meet client needs
  • Advocate for individual client needs to ensure access to effective care, follow-up, and resources from both an individual and systemic level
  • Providing health information in accessible, appropriate ways to community and clients through
  • Pamphlets, posters etc
  • Advocating on an individual basis for and with clients to other agencies and institutions
  • Participating in relevant meetings and actions as per internal policies and protocols
  • Engaging with groups representing the needs and experiences of people who use drugs in order to adapt and improve program delivery and outcomes (e.g., Advisory Group)
  • Participating in the development and/or support of policies and strategies which are in the interest of public health and healthy public policy, recognizing the social determinants of health such as adequate income, housing, food; and
  • Participate in rotational on-call coverage to support clients
  • Interview patients, conduct throughout history and physical, and review their medical records
  • Evaluate, Assess, Diagnose, and treat mental health disorders
  • Administer screening tools to help with diagnosis of anxiety, depression, and/or
  • Mood disorder, ADHD, amongst others (e.g., GAD7, PHQ9, etc.)
  • Order any necessary labs, interpret, and explain results to patients
  • Provides patient education regarding medications, risks, benefits, and
  • Reasonable outcome expectations
  • Support the program by participating in rotation of answering calls outside of hours of operation, supporting client care through phone consultation with health care partners in the community (outreach teams, pharmacies, hospitals, COVID-19 isolation sites, etc.). Ensure that evidence of current physiologic dependence, length of history of addiction, or exceptions to criteria for admission are documented in the patient's record before the patient receives the initial medications and are enrolled in counseling
  • Work with clinical and other medical providers
  • Assists patients in referral services for other medical issues (co-occurring illnesses) and other medical needs
  • Continuous quality improvement (conduct in-service & patient education)
  • Coordinates care with clinical and medical staff
  • Ensures our orders comply with State Regulations and HIPAA Standards