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Engineering Manager
Posted on 7/28/2022
Salt Lake City, UT, USA • Seattle, WA, USA • San Francisco, CA...
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • You care deeply about software and the leverage that software brings. You can use your past experience building software to show your team the way in which they can improve our customer's leverage
  • You are energized by, and capable of, super-charging the careers of those that report to you. You've been able to help mentor more junior engineers, and support more senior engineers in reaching their potential
  • You've expanded the worldview of your teams, celebrated diversity of thought and background, and tied it all back through successful product launches in your past
  • You recognize the power of ownership, and have lived examples of where ownership played central roles in your career- through software and through business
  • You are willing and capable of getting in the trenches alongside your fellow engineers and reports. You lead by example, and take pride in your work
  • You are exceptionally technical. You can describe complex ideas simply. You are just as capable working toward a long term road map as you are jumping into a fire to solve a customer's problem 5 minutes from now
  • You are as hungry to learn about our customers and business as you are about the latest stack or Docker release
  • Private Equity firms, their investors, the lawyers, and their portfolio companies have many user personas and access controls. How do we offer great experiences to each of these users?
  • Private Equity need to generate several reports (including IFRS accounting) for their portfolio companies. How do we build the right data pipeline and enable firms to generate the reports self-service
  • Private Equity needs to model several exit scenarios before selling some of their assets. How do you build a flexible platform that enables firms model scenarios and compare them effectively

1,001-5,000 employees

Cap-table management platform
Company mission
Carta is on a mission to create more owners. With over 23,000 companies, more than one million investors, law firms, and employees on their platform, and a commitment to transparency and equality in equity—they're breaking the mold of how capital markets operate.
  • Free lunch and snacks
  • Equity
  • Employee liquidity every 12-18 months
Company Values
  • Carta is run like a Professional Sports Team
  • Show up on time everyday
  • We are Software People
  • Create Leverage, Not Efficiency
  • Learn vs Execute
  • Competition Is for Losers