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Senior Product Manager
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • 🎓 You are experienced - What this means for us: You have 5+ years of work experience in product management. Previous experience working with a fintech company specifically on a credit product is preferred, given the technical, regulatory, and ecosystem complexity within this role
  • 🤔 You are a critical thinker - What this means for us: You think critically, you're intellectually curious and you have strong reasoning skills. You keep asking questions, you keep breaking the problem down, and you keep pushing until you get to the root cause. You do not inherit, you do not presume, and you do not do because it has always been done. You put your hands up when you don't understand, you ask why, you do not worry about looking silly, and you do not stop until you understand
  • 🤖 You are systematic - What this means for us: You build systems that scale. You build on top of best practices. You deploy local learnings for global impact. You don't just look for the way to solve the problem, you look for the way to solve the problem so that it's never a problem again
  • 🔥 You are an accelerant - What this means for us: You're the momentum booster in the team. You accelerate the best ideas. You rapidly uncover value for our users. You move at pace to build a machine that is greater than the sum of its parts
  • 🔍 You are objective - What this means for us: You have a strong data-driven approach to decision-making. The numbers lead the way. The best idea wins the right to be worked on. You prioritize based on impact and effort assumptions and our assumptions are grounded in numbers. You stress test your assumptions continually. You run experiments to find the signal from the noise
  • 💬 You are a crisp communicator - What this means for us: You're the glue that bonds us all together. You direct traffic. You share outcomes, learnings, insights, updates, and results. You're the voice of the user when they're not in the room. Your communications are concise. When reporting results, you use numbers, not adjectives
  • 🤠 You are an owner - What this means for us: you own the outcomes. You find ways to keep moving the ball forward, directly and indirectly. You are empowered to work autonomously, you escalate blockers and you find a way

201-500 employees