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Performance Sr. Staff Stability & Control / Performance Engineer
Posted on 10/24/2022
Mountain View, CA, USA
Experience Level
  • The goal of the S&C and Performance group at Wisk is to perform linear and non-linear stability & control analysis, size flight control surfaces, evaluate flight characteristics, calculate performance data and assist the safety team to build the first fully autonomous all-electric aircraft that performs and operates safely in an urban air-mobility environment
  • The successful candidate has direct hands-on experience developing and testing fixed wing aircraft and/or rotorcraft, from initial concept through flight testing and certification, with the technical breadth necessary to interface with all engineering functions such as Systems & Safety Engineering, Hardware, Software, Manufacturing, Test, and Certification. In this role, the candidate must be a highly motivated, self-starting individual with a broad set of skills and never afraid of facing complex technical challenges
  • B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, or another relevant discipline
  • 8+ years of experience doing detailed S&C and/or Performance analysis on fixed wing aircraft and/or rotorcraft
  • Gained strong knowledge of performance methodologies and associated software development for performance data reduction & expansion tools
  • Developed performance data for inclusion in Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM), Flight Planning and Cruise Control Manual (FPCCM), etc
  • Developed test plans based on an understanding of the certification requirements and associated means of compliance for fixed wing aircraft and/or rotorcraft
  • Excellent understanding of key concepts and equations for performance and handling qualities analysis
  • Experienced with scripting languages and Simulation tools (e.g. Fortran, Python, MATLAB)
  • You are a highly motivated, self starting individual with a broad set of skills and never afraid of facing complex technical challenges
  • You are a solution oriented individual with a strong analytical mindset
  • You have an ability to question traditional assumptions and apply your knowledge to novel eVTOL designs and operational scenarios
  • You have strong communication skills and can easily tailor your communications to suit the audience
  • You can adapt quickly or propose changes needed to achieve early results in a timely fashion
  • You embrace challenges and take commitments and deliver results within reasonable expectations
  • You are a positive team player
  • Develop, modify, and run in-house tools, including 6DoF simulation models, to analyze aircraft static & dynamic flight characteristics and performance during take off, hover, transition, climb, cruise, descent and landing
  • Estimate critical performance parameters, such as stall speeds, best rate of climb, climb ceiling, maximum range, noise profiles and energy reserves
  • Define aerodynamic smoothness criteria and perform trade-studies to optimize the aircraft design, including wing design, tail volume, control surface sizing and sensor requirements
  • Support the GNC team to assess, verify and validate control laws and envelope protection functions to ensure safe operations and compliance with the relevant certification and design requirements
  • Plan and participate in both wind-tunnel and flight tests to analyze stability & control and performance data to support certification, including instrumentation requirements and parameter identification for simulator matching
  • Develop tools & processes for performance data reduction & expansion, and optimization of flight mission planning for safe operations of an autonomous aircraft
  • Author and review certification documents to show compliance with FAR Part 23/27 requirements
Desired Qualifications
  • M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, or another relevant discipline
  • 12+ years of aircraft performance analysis experience working on complex aerospace systems
  • Understanding of fixed-wing and/or rotorcraft aerodynamics, including familiarity with the use of RANS CFD codes and lower fidelity tools such as Xfoil & AVL
  • FAA Flight Analyst Designated Engineering Representative (DER) or previous experience working on an aircraft certification program
  • Familiarity with relevant aerospace standards and handling qualities rating systems (FAA, ASTM, NASA, MIL-STD-1797, MIL-F-8785, ADS-33, etc.)
  • Knowledge of rotorcraft performance and the theories associated with propeller and rotor-driven propulsion
  • Experience with wind tunnel, simulation and flight testing for aircraft performance and flight characteristics
  • Previous experience with the various phases of an aircraft development program, from conceptual design thru certification and in-service support

201-500 employees

Urban air-mobility company
Company Overview
Wisk’s mission is to provide safe everyday flight for everyone through their aircrafts and services which are centered around the highest aviation safety standards. The company has built an industry-leading autonomy platform on proven aviation systems with autopilot, precision navigation, and data links augmented with Wisk’s proprietary and decision-making logic software.
  • 100% paid employee medical, dental, & vision benefits, plus generous cost-sharing for spouse/dependent coverage
  • 401(k) plan with 50% employer matching
  • 9/80 alternative work schedule with every other Friday off
  • Commuter benefits & Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Flexible time off to maintain a healthy work-life balance, plus 10 paid holidays per year
  • Quarterly wellness stipend to help maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Annual company match for charitable giving
  • Communications allowance
  • Education assistance and flight lesson subsidy
  • Free electric vehicle charge stations at HQ
  • Daily catered lunch in Wisk facilities
Company Core Values
  • Make a difference
  • Inspire Innovation
  • Be Empowered
  • Bring People In
  • Lead with Safety