Animatic Editor
Children's Comedy Show
Posted on 4/4/2023

501-1,000 employees

Animation studio
Company Overview
Titmouse's mission is to produce high quality animation projects of any scale. They have writers, producers, directors, storyboard artists, animators, compositors and editors to make envisioned cartoons from start to finish.
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Experience Level
Content & Writing
  • If the work for this position is performed within the geographical jurisdiction of the collective bargaining agreement, it will be covered by that agreement
  • Prior experience with 2D animated adult comedy series required
  • Ability and aptitude for creative problem-solving in order to assemble the final shot
  • Strong working knowledge of Premiere and Media Encoder
  • Basic computer knowledge in Mac-based applications
  • Able to come into the LA based office for edit sessions if needed
  • PREFERRED: Primetime comedy experience
  • Assemble Storyboard sequences or storyboard panels into an animatic as well as dialogue or radioplay when there is not a dedicated Dialogue Editor on the project
  • Track assign each character; maintain separate tracks for SFX and music
  • Edit storyboard panels and dialogue for pacing, adjusting and timing for action, comedy or drama, maintaining a cohesive narrative
  • Add sync dialogue to storyboard panels, transitions, camera moves, temp graphics, subtitles and chyrons; build temp sound design and music score
  • Flag scenes for technical or continuity issues
  • Provide references as needed for Track Reading, Sheet Timing, Composers, Network, and Vendors as needed
  • Cut-in revisions, scratch and pickups; add sound effects and walls as needed
  • Run edit sessions from rough cut to animatic lock