Director of Product Management
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
The Farmer's Dog

201-500 employees

Human-grade dog food delivery service
Company Overview
The Farmer's dog's mission is to turn unconditional love for dogs into uncomplicated care which starts with what you put in their bowl. The company is using quality and safety standards never before seen in the industry — and the result is fresh food that’s safe enough for humans to eat, but that’s nutritionally complete and balanced for dogs.
New York, NY, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Product Design
  • 10+ years of experience in product
  • 3+ years managing teams of 3 or more
  • You'll get deep with our customers and metrics. Basically no action until that is engrained. The first weeks and months will be entirely open-ended to learn about customers, systems, and people
  • You place emphasis on holistic thinking and when decisions are made you are able to consider the overarching impact of the business
  • You have a rock solid understanding of data including being able to get your own data
  • You've developed the trust of engineers and designers
  • You have an emphasis on quantitative data and are willing to experience the product firsthand
  • You've created a long term strategic vision in partnership with leaders and your team
  • You are an advocate for customers and can vocally and convincingly advocate for your perspective
  • You lead beyond your lane. You don't lead - just - “PMs” you lead all of us to solving important customer problems by helping the team invent on behalf of our customers
  • You should challenge the status quo, but have the humility to first dive deep into why the status quo is the status quo
  • You can ask uncomfortable questions and challenge long standing practices. Chances are there was no grand plan behind them
  • You deliver both joy and improvement feedback in the moment and appropriately to your reports, team members and superiors. We value open communication even when it's tough. We remind ourselves to deliver joy when we can (humans tend to only give feedback when it's bad, we don't at TFD)
  • You come forward with bad news immediately even when it's embarrassing
  • You seek feedback and never take it personally
  • You know how to do your reports' job well, so no task is beneath you if needed
  • Be our most vocal and empathetic customer advocate
  • Build amazing digital (and physical) experiences for our customers, throughout their entire lifecycle
  • Be responsible for culture, process and coaching PMs and the pods in ways that align with our values and their careers
  • Drive our experimentation practices one experiment at a time. Balance quantity with quality. We have finite time to run experiments, so how can we maximize their impact?
  • Partner with our stellar marketing teams, both in acquisition and retention, product design, and data strategy and insights to develop sound strategies
  • Foster and find ways to test new ideas and turn them into businesses
Desired Qualifications
  • You have a proven experience in building excellent and performant user interfaces, including conversion funnels. if worked in subscription businesses