Senior Staff Engineer
Silicon Platform Software
Posted on 2/1/2023
San Jose, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Data Structures & Algorithms
  • BS + 15 years experience, MS + 13 year of experience, PhD + 10 years experience in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related
  • Experience in any of programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python
  • Knowledge of CPU/SoC architecture
  • Self-motivated problem-solver with an ability to work well in a team
  • Direct experience with performance modeling, performance analysis, and workload characterization
  • Knowledge in system software components, such as Linux, drivers, and runtime
  • Debugging skills on multi-processor environments using tracing tools such as systrace/ftrace/perf
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Experience in SIMD programming
  • Experience optimizing benchmarks, user experience and memory on Linux and FW
  • Deep understanding of PPA (performance, power, and area) trade-offs
  • Familiarity with digital design and verification flows
  • Deep understanding of flash memory controller architecture, and related IP design, verification, SOC implementation process and tools
  • Understanding of the emerging technologies (CXL, Computation in memory and storage, Ethernet-attached SSD etc.) in server memory and storage systems
  • Experience with performance modeling of embedded systems is beneficial
  • Contribute to the new CPU architecture and microarchitecture definitions with a partnership with micro-architects, hardware and software teams to research innovative ideas
  • Assess these ideas by using the performance analysis infrastructure you and your team develop
  • Profile the workloads and analyze their key performance characteristics, conduct performance analysis and debug performance bottlenecks
  • Build processor performance analysis infrastructure, which includes preparing workloads, developing performance models, porting a design onto a hardware emulator, and conducting performance and workload analysis
  • Work with the RTL team to correlate the performance model with the RTL
  • Collaborate with key micro-architects to develop and assess microarchitecture ideas
  • Select appropriate industry standard processor benchmarks for goal setting. Define and produce custom in-house benchmark suites using 1st party applications
  • Participate in PPA (Performance, Power, Area) tradeoff analysis for architecture and microarchitecture features. Communicate analysis results in both qualitative and quantitative fashion to support major decisions
  • Perform system analysis and optimize actual workloads (Data search, Video application, ML workloads, etc.) on various computation IPs and chipsets while keeping up on the power constraints
  • Optimize to realize the best in class sustained data processing performance (perf/Watt) on Linux kernel and custom FW platform
  • Use various tools to identify performance bottlenecks in the system and identify related optimizations such as vectorization, hardware acceleration, etc
  • On the system/kernel side you will work towards optimizing the power saving algorithms for the underlying SoC architecture
  • Collaborate and participate in design/code reviews with various cross-functional teams
  • A successful candidate is self-driven and motivated to explore across the software stack - userspace/kernel on Linux and/or acceleration engines (its sw architecture/threading model etc.)
  • Identify and influence SoC HW recommendations for real life workloads collaborating with HW teams
  • Invent and file patents on technical solutions to the problems identified

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