Technical Recruiter/Talent Coach
Updated on 5/24/2023
San Francisco, CA, USA
Experience Level
  • You're endlessly curious about people and enjoy supporting their journeys
  • You're excited to dive deeper into AI and synthesize technical concepts to a degree that you can explain them to a technical audience (e.g. explaining our roadmap, outlining current research projects, etc.)
  • You're high agency, scrappy, and excited to take ownership over building the Generally Intelligent team
  • A background in recruiting is not required and not expected-everything you need to know can be learned on the job
  • You're able to quickly get a sense of a person and their motivations
  • You're excited to be on Zoom calls with candidates at least 50% of the workday
  • One of your primary responsibilities will be to conduct initial chats with candidates, though these will be more career coaching sessions than typical recruiter screens. On these calls, you'll get a sense of the candidate's motivations, existing skillset, and personal/professional needs. You will also be expected to discuss our company, culture, projects, and roadmap on a deep, meaningful level
  • Supported by a recruiting coordinator, you will manage the end-to-end pipeline of candidates from application to closing the offer. This involves frequent touch points with candidates to support them throughout the process
  • Supported by talent sourcers, you will be responsible for managing the top-of-funnel efforts, including overseeing outreach campaigns, filtering applicants, and working with agencies
Desired Qualifications
  • A background in psychology, personal coaching, or other high-interaction professions is a plus (though absolutely not required)
Generally Intelligent

1-10 employees

Independent general intelligence research lab
Company Overview
Generally Intelligent’s mission is to build human-like general intelligence and make it safely accessible in order to foster a more abundant, equitable, and unconstrained society. The company is committed to building out simple self-supervised architectures and evolving them to tackle human developmental milestones of increasing complexity.
  • Work directly on creating software with human-like intelligence
  • Very generous compensation
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work remotely
  • Time and budget for learning and self improvement
Company Core Values
  • Think Good
  • Be Kind
  • Have Fun
  • Grow Together