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Service Team Analyst III

GFX Earner

Posted on 6/27/2024



10,001+ employees

Rides, deliveries, and freight services platform

Consumer Software
Data & Analytics

Compensation Overview


+ Bonus + Other types of compensation

Junior, Mid

San Francisco, CA, USA

Data Science
Data Analysis
Data & Analytics
Required Skills
Data Analysis
  • 1-2 years of experience in bug identification, triaging, bug reproduction, debugging, and outage identification
  • 1-2 years of hands-on experience in Software/Application tech issues investigation, problem identification, reporting observations to the tech team, and getting them fixed
  • 1-2 years of data analytics/science experience with insights, and intermediate SQL and coding experience
  • 1-2 years of Uber Operations experience specializing in retail, heavy investigations, end to end support to customer concern resolution, and heavy mastery of Uber domain, app, and tools
  • 2+ years experience in Customer Support in an IT/tech company
  • Combination of skills above
  • Triage the potential bugs and report valid bugs to engineering
  • Reproduce the issue, use investigative tools and dig through data to determine the validity of the issue
  • Demonstrate strong ownership on the potential bug, influence engineers, and go above and beyond to get a clear resolution in a timely manner
  • Identify team ownership and involve the accurate engineering resource; raise outages right away by paging on-call engineer
  • Proactively and responsibly drive all communication with tech, product, and ops teams to ensure all bugs are rectified in the least possible time and take ownership for coordinating the same
  • Improve troubleshooting guide for the team so other agents can utilize resources to reproduce the issues they triage
  • Continue to improve the reproduction capabilities in the team by building domain expertise
  • Generate and maintain reports, queries, and insights for bug reproduction, trends, and overall domain and process improvement of the team
  • Take charge of crisis response by being involved in on-call rotation
  • Support engineering in impact assessment of outages
  • Manage outages effectively both for communication and issue resolution
  • Develop, build, and maintain models/alerts to effectively predict bugs and outages in partnership with engineering and other teams
  • Build subject matter mastery and expertise in Uber tools, apps, and key product domains
  • Train/Mentor other team members on bug identification, investigation, partner influence, and insights
  • Cross-collaborate and implement new process or framework to support overall business need or improvement

At Uber, employees are at the forefront of redefining mobility and logistics services, working with cutting-edge technology to streamline the transportation of both people and goods. This company fosters a dynamic work environment that supports flexible earning opportunities and continuous innovation in essential services. The commitment to constantly reimagine and reinvent its services makes it a leader in the industry, providing an invigorating setting for professionals who thrive in fast-paced and evolving workspaces.

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San Francisco, California



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