Member of Technical Staff
Protocols Platform Engineering
Posted on 7/8/2022

1,001-5,000 employees

Institutional Investing Infrastructure for Crypto
Company Overview
Anchorage Digital is on a mission to make it simple for institutions to build products and use digital assets.
United States
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Structures & Algorithms
Development Operations (DevOps)
Google Cloud Platform
DevOps & Infrastructure
Software Engineering
  • Backend Tech: Go, Docker, Kubernetes, Cue, Terraform, GCP, REST and GraphQL
  • Engineering methodologies: Reverse uptime, cryptographically linked data models, air gapped infrastructure, secure execution environments, and infra-as-code
  • Develop software and infrastructure that scales across all crypto-networks
  • Build automation to best support the growing list of supported protocols through upgrades
  • Improve observability of the health of different parts of our systems
  • Design and optimize integration with decentralized networks directly or through selected vendors
  • Influence architecture/product roadmap to accomplish higher site reliability for new and existing services - have a seat at the table
  • Foster an efficient deterministic testing culture, with an emphasis on minimizing tech debt and bureaucracy
  • Find the right balance between progress (i.e. shipping quickly) and perfection (i.e. measuring twice)
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with everyone
  • Help scale the team
  • Work on the front lines of the blockchain/crypto movement and SecOps innovation
  • Ship code that will impact the global economy
  • You have real world experience building complex distributed systems
  • You genuinely care about code quality, resilience, security and test infrastructure
  • You prioritize the simplest, most efficient & reliable solutions over “cool tech”
  • You have DevOps / SRE experience and have built and operated production systems
  • You have experience with one of the major cloud providers (ideally GCP and/or AWS)
  • You're knowledgeable about networking protocols
  • You enjoy programming, infra-as-code, monitoring, and automation
  • You've leveraged container technology in production
  • You have developed “computer science fundamentals”, i.e. concurrency, algorithms, and data structures (Formal CS degree NOT required)
  • You self-describe as some combination of the following: creative, humble, ambitious, detail-oriented, hardworking, trustworthy, eager to learn, methodical, action-oriented, and tenacious
Desired Qualifications
  • You have experience running RPC or validator/staking protocol nodes
  • In your mind the word “crypto” stands for cryptography, not cryptocurrency
  • You read blockchain protocol white papers for fun, and stay up to date with the proliferation of crypto asset innovations
  • You feel comfortable diving down the stack and into open source projects to root cause a bug
  • You understand and care about supply chain security