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Senior Developer Advocate
Customer Identity
Posted on 3/15/2023
United States
Experience Level
  • 3+ years as a developer or developer advocate, preferably focused on backend technologies like .NET
  • Experience taking complex topics and making them understandable and accessible to developers of different experience levels
  • Empathy for developers that allows you to articulate ways to make all developers' lives easier
  • You are comfortable learning multiple skills simultaneously and managing multiple projects at once
  • You are a strong independent contributor, but you enjoy collaborating with teammates and multi-functional teams
  • Amazing Benefits
  • Making Social Impact
  • Fostering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at Okta
  • Educating developers about Auth0 and identity by connecting with developers where they are, including writing, speaking, streaming, and building code samples (travel up to 30% of the year)
  • Serving the developer community by answering questions and listening to feedback on online platforms like chat forums, GitHub, social media, and Slack and Discord servers
  • Capturing feedback and sharing it with marketing, engineering, and product teams at Okta to help improve our developer experience
  • Supporting our Auth0 Ambassadors, open-source communities, and internal cross team partnerships to help amplify our ability to reach developers globally
Okta provides online identity verification solutions.
Company Overview
Okta provides online identity verification solutions.