Senior Research Engineer


Posted on 5/16/2024



1,001-5,000 employees

Develops artificial general intelligence (AGI) systems

AI & Machine Learning


Mountain View, CA, USA

Required Skills
  • BSc, MSc or PhD/DPhil degree in computer science, mathematics, applied stats, machine learning or similar experience working in industry
  • Proven knowledge and experience of Python or C++
  • Knowledge of machine learning and statistics
  • Knowledge of algorithm design
  • Proven experience of JAX or similar ML frameworks (e.g. Tensorflow) is highly desirable
  • Recent experience conducting applied research to improve the quality and training/serving efficiency of large transformer-based models
  • Experience fine-tuning large models (e.g. supervised, RLHF)
  • Experience applying and productionizing state-of-the-art large visual, language and multimodal research
  • Ability to lead projects, take initiative and work independently to achieve goals
  • Software Engineering experience and experience working on large-scale ML projects highly desirable
  • Ability to connect with key stakeholders, influence and obtain buy-in for project strategy and direction, and drive execution on delivery
  • Proven experience working in industry, working on projects from proof-of-concept through to implementation highly beneficial
  • A passion for Artificial Intelligence
  • Great communication skills and proven interpersonal skills
  • Applying the most promising models and research to high-impact real-world problems
  • Rapid-prototyping initial concepts
  • Designing and running experiments to evaluate opportunities
  • Gaining an understanding of the path from research to production
  • Working on real-world problems with the chance to make a difference
  • Being part of a small project team led by Research Engineers
  • Potential for partnership with research scientists and significant impact in the short term
  • Close mentorship from leadership

Google DeepMind specializes in developing artificial general intelligence (AGI) systems. They apply their technologies in diverse and challenging domains like diagnosing eye diseases, improving energy efficiency in data centers, and predicting protein shapes for potential drug discoveries. Their workforce excels in leveraging advanced AI algorithms and machine learning methods, providing a rich environment for innovation and growth in AI research and applications. This gives employees unique opportunities to work at the forefront of technological advancements within a culture dedicated to solving complex global challenges.

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