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VP AI/ML and Experimentation
Posted on 7/26/2022
United States
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Business Strategy
Data Analysis
Data Science
  • 12+ years' experience in Engineering Management or Data Science roles (or similar), working with AI/ML/EXP applications/ Internet/software products, with growing levels of responsibility
  • Bachelor's degree in Data Science, Computer Science, or related field (Master's preferred)
  • 5+ years proven experience leading SaaS platform and product teams, including major category product releases
  • Demonstrated ability and authoritative knowledge of machine learning, ML engineering languages/systems/patterns using data-driven method for experimentation and decision making
  • A “whole product and engineering” problem solver, including implementing large-scale AI employed by many platforms, applications, and clients
  • Customer-centric and analytical/probability-based orientation with excellent ability to translate deterministic patterns from broad range of data and observations and able to translate into relevant experiences
  • Validated experience leading or driving a significant company initiative that required shared consensus and execution across a large set of teams
  • Excellent team leadership, communication, prioritization, and interpersonal skills, with a high level of attention to detail
  • Intuitively translates big picture goals to micro use cases and has a strong focus on solving core problems to deliver simple solutions
  • Enjoy working in a sophisticated, diverse, and fast paced environment. Focus on key data AI/ML/EXP platform/product and engineering goals and delivering plans with constrained resources
  • Cross-team collaboration to structurally lead, change and gain adoption of new data AI products offerings and ML/EXP model(s), aligning new solutions to existing business to enable trade-offs
  • Drive the shift in the GoDaddy AI model, from being a collection of separate, manual offline ML offerings to a customer-value self-learning set of online/offline models, driving associated metrics focused on engineering, customer happiness and success, engineering targets, and other key business drivers
  • Automate engineering and business ml models, including online-capable AI/ML systems, with focus on internal, offline automated forecast models, online ml for use in GD products and targets, and work with other engineering and business leaders
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop competitive experimentation systems and full stack products, whilst setting strategic targets/moves for the business running 1000s of concurrent customer experiments using data ml systems
  • Create release strategies including, where relevant, identification of key internal and external data ml and exp platform features, product partnerships, and merger and acquisition activities
  • Build well-founded unit-economics models, with key input drivers and critical metrics identified, modelled, and tracked through analytics, experiments, and ongoing automated ML
  • Contribute development and implementation of Pricing and Packaging ML models and experiments that improve economic utility of offerings via:
  • Price levels and structures (i.e., price levels, standard subscription, prepay, transaction fee, net-credit, free trial, etc)
  • Combining multiple products and features into alternative packaging /bundling alternatives
  • Dynamic pricing of individual domain offers (spins), based on availability of alternatives against a user's query, including from auction-based markets
  • Develop a highly effective AI/ML/EXP platform and products strategy crafted to deliver outstanding return on investment and outsized growth
  • Lead quarterly strategic briefings and planning of all relevant cross-functional leadership teams across core data ML/EXP platforms, data ML products based on professional services analytics
  • Strategic allocation of ML/EXP platform and product resources, including total data spend goals and headcount and strategic project prioritization against roadmap models
  • Identify and ensure execution of any strategic change-management vital to shift GoDaddy teams to articulated platform, product, and business strategy for designated areas
  • Drive engineering execution into the performance of the AI/ML/EXP platforms and products against business strategy pillars. Based on these insights, make strategic and operational changes in the investment and product release approach, make recommendations on product/project investments, and lead the business using all levers identified above, and by leading strategy recommendations to the DNA leadership team
  • Develop, coach, and mentor a team of engineers, data scientists, and growth leaders, whilst collaborating with product/program managers, other engineering leaders and business partners
  • Partner closely with Product Marketing, Finance, Customer Care, executive management, and key product leaders to build a shared data AI vision

5,001-10,000 employees

World's largest domain registrar
Company Overview
GoDaddy's mission is to empower entrepreneurs everywhere, making opportunity more inclusive for all. They do this by democratizing access to basic IT tools.
  • 401k with generous employer match, pre-tax / Roth options
  • Shares of GDDY stock through grants
  • Employee Stock Purchase Program
  • Professional development & tuition support
  • Subsidized meals
  • Employer-paid trip reduction expenses
  • Tax-advantaged accounts (FSA, HSA)
  • Medical, dental, vision, disability, the works
  • Liberal time away to rest & recharge
  • Family-friendly options like day care subsidy, paid parental leave, adoption assistance and fertility coverage
  • Employee Assistance Plan
  • Benefits fairs, flu shots, wellness perks
  • Tax-advantaged accounts (FSA, HSA)
  • Company-wide celebrations and events: TechFest, Town Halls, picnics, holiday parties
  • Team kudos and peer recognition programs
  • Empower by GoDaddy matches charitable grants and offers volunteer opportunities
  • Team-building and professional development
Company Core Values
  • Ideas thrive here - You can’t change the world by playing it safe. We embrace innovative thinking and the big ideas it creates, and we celebrate when ideas become a reality.
  • Pull together - Our collaborative focus transforms individual ideas and strengths into collective action and solutions. We don’t do silos, and small teams have the resources to tackle big problems.
  • Your potential is boundless - With ample opportunity to learn, stretch and contribute, anyone in any role can grow into a better professional, colleague and person.
  • We love to have a good time - We enjoy a good hike or happy hour just as much as a successful product launch, which is why employees get every chance to live passionately outside the office.
  • Diversity drives us - To change the world for the better, we need a team as diverse as the entrepreneurs we empower around the world.
  • We’re customer-obsessed - Our customers are creative people doing amazing things, and that inspires us every day. We do our best work because we know it impacts the success of entrepreneurs everywhere.