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V-22 Aircraft Maintenance and Modification Technician (Experienced)
Posted on 7/6/2022
United States
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • Minimum 5 years' experience Aircraft Maintenance/Aircraft Structural Repair
  • At the sole discretion of leadership, must be willing and able (on potentially short-notice) to deploy/travel to a variety of locations (domestic and international) and for a variety of deployment durations to meet customer needs and the statement of work. Unless compelling reasons exist, failure to deploy/travel will be considered as a resignation
  • MV-22 Modification & Maintenance Teams
  • Must be knowledgeable in aspects of V-22 aircraft maintenance, modification and repair to include skill and experience in either Electrical and Avionics or Airframes system fields
  • Candidate must have knowledge of general aircraft maintenance and environment processes (FOD control, tool control, health & safety)
  • Independently assembles, disassembles and solves problems numerous assemblies by changing, removing and replacing aerospace components, using general aerospace maintenance practices and aerospace product specifications to correct failures
  • Removes and replaces components for repair, replacement or testing, to support product serviceability
  • Resolves and corrects routine problems during operation, maintenance and overhaul of deliverable products
  • Oversees assembly, disassembly or overhaul functions to ensure adequacy, accuracy and thoroughness of product assembly, disassembly and overhauls
  • Measures and makes adjustments independently, using shims, lapping or other documented processes, to satisfy specifications and ensure correct tolerances are obtained
  • Identifies and assists engineering with discrepancies. Trains and mentors less experienced personnel
  • Independently performs routine and complex functional/diagnostic tests and solves problems aerospace/missile systems, using supervising instruments and bench/automated test equipment, to resolve root cause of initial or isolated failures
  • Performs validation/verification testing of systems and components to ensure serviceability
  • Solves problems for customers, using established fault isolation procedures, in order to isolate routine mechanical or electrical faults. Fixes with limited/little engineering or co-worker assistance
  • Calls out repairs, however consults engineering and customer with results, if needed
  • Oversees training of individuals
  • Independently documents repairs, test results, applicable modifications and inspection results, using specific, detailed instructions and established processes and procedures, to ensure contractual and regulatory compliance
  • Verifies and ensures correctness of documented instructions and procedures to modify, fix, repair and test assemblies. Assists engineering to rectify discrepancies found by technicians
  • Properly identifies discrepancies found with parts and assists with reconciliation of discrepancies
  • Visually inspects component before installation or usage to verify cleanliness and serviceability of components. Identifies and documents discrepancies found during inspection
  • Aids in resolution of discrepancies found by technicians
  • Independently performs modifications to satisfy deliverable products
  • Understands and interprets required engineering drawings, instructions and technical specifications to advise technicians
  • Resolves and corrects routine and complex problems during modification of deliverable products
  • Ensures adequacy, accuracy and thoroughness of product modification
Desired Qualifications
  • FAA Airframe and Powerplant License preferred
  • V-22 experience preferred
  • Quality Assurance experience preferred
  • Extensive Depot-level modification experience preferred
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