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Engineering Manager
Observability, Sre
Posted on 2/19/2022
Canada • Remote
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Experience with configuring and maintaining monitoring/logging/tracing tools [ELK, Splunk, DataDog, Dynatrace, Appdynamics, Sumo Logic, Chronosphre, Grafana etc]
  • Familiarity with Elasticsearch, Kibana/Grafana, Logstash, kafka and ways to scale these systems
  • Have strong understanding of OS and application stack
  • Comfort with open source systems a plus
  • Fluent in Python/Kotlin/Go software development
  • Recommends or helps architect an entire system. Acts as an expert in understanding and performing TCP dumps, snoop, and other network sniffers. Understands and applies knowledge of most protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, UDP, etc.)
  • Design, develop and manage Monitoring, logging and tracing framework/stack
  • Develop and scale our Observability infrastructure and platform
  • Troubleshoot various issues around reliability, resiliency, scalability and availability
  • Define best practices for making Affirm's system and services measurable and collaborate with the platform and product engineering team to ensure systems and applications are emitting the right metrics and logs
  • Collect, aggregate and visualize collected metrics to provide actionable insights
  • Assist with oncall and triage rotation

1,001-5,000 employees

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Company mission
Affirm seeks to deliver honest financial products—to improve lives. The company operates a buy-now-pay-later platform for consumers at the point of sale.
  • Spending wallets: Access tech, food, lifestyle, and family planning wallets for your expenses
  • Supportive communities: Get involved with our employee resource groups and community groups
  • Remote-first workforce: If your role is remote, you can set up shop anywhere in your home country
  • Generous time off: Take the time you need when life happens
  • Health benefits: Get a plan that fits your needs
  • Mental healthcare: Take care of your mind with great mental health programs
  • Parental leave: Birth and non-birth parents get 18 weeks paid leave. Plus, a 4-week return-to-work transition program, at full base pay.
  • Compensation: We have a simple, flexible, and transparent remote-first compensation structure so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family.
  • Away days: We offer 24 company-wide paid days off—which help our teams collectively pause to recharge.
  • Learning & development: Engage in exciting learning programs to level up your growth.
Company Values
  • People come first: We consider our impact on people’s lives before we think about our own interests.
  • No fine print: We are completely transparent and honest—with our customers and with each other.
  • It's on us: We take full accountability for our actions, never shirking responsibility or passing the buck.
  • Simpler is better: We make complex things simple and clear.
  • Push the envelope: We never stop innovating, taking smart risks, and raising the bar.