Technical Trades Technician
Posted on 2/15/2023

10,001+ employees

Electric vehicles manufacturer
Automotive & Transportation
Company Overview
Rivian is on a mission to keep the world adventurous forever. The company believes there is a more responsible way to explore the world and is determined to make the transition to sustainable transportation an exciting one. Rivian designed their emissions-free Electric Adventure Vehicles to challenge what's possible.
Chicago, IL, USA
Experience Level
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Minimum age of 21
  • No driving related suspensions or revocation of Driver License (within a 3-5year period
  • Ability to read and speak fluent English
  • Automotive Technology Degree, Certificate, or at least 2 years relevant work experience
  • Basic Knowledge of Electrical Systems
  • Physical exertion may be required to perform occupational tasks (sitting up to 2 or more hours at a time, standing for up to 8 or more hours a day, walking, bending, kneeling, laying, twisting, carrying, reaching, stretching, pushing, pulling, and lifting up to 50 lbs)
  • Frequent use of hands for purposes of grasping and using tools correctly, entering data, writing communications, or calling customers or internal partners
  • Required to, communicate using telephone, email, text or via messaging applications
  • Ability to utilize web base programs, Excel, Smartsheets and Microsoft Word
  • No drug or alcohol-related driving incidents in the last 3 years
  • No more than 1 serious moving violation in the last 3 years
  • Must have a valid driver's license in the state of residence
  • Will be subject to continuous Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) monitoring
  • Willingness to relocate to any of our markets across the United States after program completion and have flexibility with work schedule (AM shift, PM shift, weekends, and possible holidays)
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • Complete a minimum of 40hrs per week: combined time between class sessions and on-the-job training, 5-6 days a week, depending upon business needs
  • 90% attendance of all class sessions, lab activities, on-site training, and any additional scheduled activities
  • Complete all required exams and lab assignments by receiving a passing grade of 80% or higher
  • Assist Rivian Service Technicians with general repairs, mobile repairs, and any additional tasks requested from the service team
  • Improve efficiency in service procedures without compromising the quality and safety of the repair
  • Complete all Course Curricula Objectives
  • Demonstrate Rivian's Compass Principles Daily: Come Together, Ask Why, Stay Open, Zoom Out, Over Deliver