Software Engineer
Sensor Fusion & State Estimation
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Mountain View, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Develop and integrate onboard sensor fusion algorithms
  • Use principled approaches for fusing information from multiple modalities: camera, radar, lidar, thermal, and IMU
  • Develop fusion engines including early and late fusion
  • Improve multi-target tracking performance including track initiation, measurement to track association, and track state maintenance
  • Develop tooling, metrics, and visualization to verify sensor fusion performance
  • Troubleshoot, problem solve, innovate, create, and collaborate
Desired Qualifications
  • Strong technical background. BS, MS or PhD with academic or industry experience in building state estimation and sensor fusion architectures
  • Domain Expertise. Topics of interest include sensor fusion, Kalman filtering, particle filtering, bayesian estimation, data association, multi-target tracking, neural nets, behavioral prediction, localization and mapping
  • Skilled in C++ and strong problem-solving skills
  • Strong software engineering skills and experience building high-reliability deployed applications . You write well-designed, highly maintainable code. Code is your craft
  • Solid understanding of metrics, data analysis, and scientific evaluation
  • A team player. You take ownership and work with the team to deliver exceptional results. You are interested in the performance of the entire system across engineering disciplines
  • Ability to build and iterate quickly. You enjoy working fast and smart, and you are comfortable in defining and building lasting infrastructure components from scratch
  • Hands on. Curious. Flexible. Interested in new domains to expand your horizons and provide a complete system wide solution
  • Great communicator. You have experience writing clear, concise design documentation to gather feedback from across the team to find the best solution
Kodiak Robotics

51-200 employees

Long-haul trucking technology company
Company Overview
Kodiak's mission is to carry freight forward—so people, partners, and the planet thrive. The company has the trucking industry's most advanced technology stack purpose-built for long-haul trucks, leveraging a unique sensor fusion system and lightweight mapping solution that handles all aspects of highway driving, delivering freight safely, efficiently, and on time.
  • Remote-friendly work environment
  • 401k
  • Generous PTO policy
  • Life insurance
  • Medical, dental, vision, & FSA plans
  • Family-friendly company events
  • Dog-friendly office
  • Employee-driven fitness classes
  • Free EV charging
  • Trivia & board game nights
Company Core Values
  • Safety, first and always
  • Intellectual honesty, principled debate.
  • Disciplined innovation
  • Better together. For a better future.
  • Exceed expectations. Earn respect. Repeat.