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QA Engineer
Posted on 8/25/2022
United States
Experience Level
  • 3-5 years of Software Testing experience in a professional environment
  • Is passionate about testing software and finding bugs
  • Able to gather clues about bugs and independently solves problems
  • Fast learner in a fast paced environment
  • You will become part of an amazing culture with a supportive CEO and smart teammates who actually care
  • You will work with an amazing team you can learn from and teach
  • You will experience joining a high-growth/high-traction organization
  • You will hear “Yes, let's do that!” and then have the opportunity to successfully execute on your ideas
  • You will build community with Lofters of many cultures and backgrounds through ERGs and DEI initiatives
  • We have a vibrant, open office that utilizes modern technology
  • You will grow more here than you would anywhere else, that is a promise
  • In-depth understanding of the team's surface area and working knowledge of the advanced features of the application
  • Develops efficient test plan by covering edge cases and manually testing independently
  • Takes on additional QA Team responsibilities
Company Overview
SalesLoft helps brands deliver value and create trust by connecting with their customers.