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Data Insights Intern
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
New York, NY, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Operations Research
  • You have experience coding in a data-centric programming language such as SQL and Python, Pandas, or R
  • You are a self-starter who can and independently prioritize and address problems in a highly ambiguous environment
  • You are a clear and confident communicator who can break down complex data analyses to tell a compelling story
  • You are eager to identify major pain points in a user's workflow, quickly build prototypes to address challenges, gather feedback from the user, and rapidly iterate
  • You are passionate about our mission to improve cancer care through data and technology
  • You are interested in at least one of these fields: data analytics, decision science, machine learning, operations research, data modeling, business intelligence, or data engineering
  • An algorithm that assesses how a provider should be billing payers for provided services to optimize for charges getting paid out
  • A dynamic visualization tool that tracks and displays progress on 200k abstraction tasks we complete each month for patients in our network
  • Using ElasticSearch and NLP to demonstrate the utility of unstructured data for quality analytics (e.g. hospice referrals, and context surrounding death)
  • Turn good ideas into prototypes, and prototypes into early stage products
  • Interact with customers to ensure they receive the most value possible from Flatiron products
  • Analyze and visualize oncology data for our clients in cancer clinics, academic institutions, and life science companies
  • Learn how healthcare data works by building data pipelines using SQL, Python and/or R
  • Develop knowledge of healthcare industry trends and data
Flatiron Health

1,001-5,000 employees

Improving healthcare by learning from the experience of cancer patients
Company Overview
Flatiron seeks to identify and solve problems that drive work that moves the needle for customers and patients. In short, they seek to learn and improve cancer research from each patient.
  • Work/life autonomy via flexible work hours and flexible paid time off
  • Generous parental leave (16 weeks for either parent)
  • Transition back to work program following parental leave
  • Child and caregiver travel benefits for new parents
  • Backup child care
  • Weekly meditation sessions
  • Flatiron-sponsored fitness classes
  • Weekly massages and manicures available onsite (employee funded)
Company Core Values
  • Solve problems that matter
  • Be kind
  • Start with why
  • Think yes before no
  • Focus on your customer
  • Seek feedback at 30%
  • Be willing to sit on the floor
  • Know when to startup and when to scale
  • Learn, teach and grow
  • Do the right thing