Mechatronics Engineer
Posted on 10/20/2023
Universe Energy

1-10 employees

Automates EV battery reuse for cheaper grid storage
Company Overview
Universe Energy is a forward-thinking company that addresses the challenges of battery reuse through automation, machine learning, and robotics, significantly reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Their unique approach not only positions them as a potential leader in the battery manufacturing industry but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the need for mining and new manufacturing, aiming to prevent 7 Gtons of CO2e emissions. The company's culture fosters technical innovation and environmental responsibility, making it an attractive workplace for those passionate about clean energy solutions.
AI & Machine Learning
Data & Analytics
Robotics & Automation

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Los Angeles, California

Growth & Insights

6 month growth


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2 year growth

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Mechanical Engineering
  • At least a B.Sc. in Mechanical-, Aerospace-, Automotive-, Robotics- Controls Engineering, or a similar field
  • Academic knowledge of mechanical systems in statics, mechanics of materials, dynamics, vibrations, material science, thermodynamics and controls engineering
  • 3-5 yrs experience designing and delivering products from concept up to low series (~10) volume in highly-complex integrations like robotics, electric vehicles, or aerospace
  • 3-5 yrs expertise in 3D CAD modeling for mechanical design with complex parts and assemblies: like Catia, Solidworks, or Siemens NX
  • 3+ yrs expertise in multi-physics simulations (FEA) applied to structural designing problems, like Comsol and Ansys, but also being able to do hand calculations when that makes the most sense
  • 3+ yrs of hands-on experience in rapid prototyping, 3D printing, machining, laser-cutting, and CNC milling to make product designs a reality
  • Experience with fabrication methods like welding, sheet forming, and die-casting
  • Designed mechanical end-effectors and worked on integrations for industrial robots
  • Design, source, and build mechanical motion systems like gantry-based and robotic systems using motors, linear actuators, mechanical arms, and safety structures
  • Develop and prototype end-effectors and manipulators of robotic systems for cutting, screwing, decoupling, and uncovering using saws, cutters, heat guns, and grippers
  • Derive, analyze, and decide through trade studies on component and material choices per subsystem, including impact on manufacturing and unit cost
  • Analyze mechanical design sizing and modeling at various levels of fidelity from roughly-sized concepts to fully-detailed models analyzed against a suite of load cases
  • Simulate loads, stresses, vibrations, and thermal cycles using hand & static calculations via Matlab/Python and for 3D structures with Ansys or Comsol. Provide hands-on support applied to virtual builds
  • Source relevant materials and components fast and cheap from local shops to build and test prototypes and industrial partners to prepare for larger volume production
  • Lead physical prototype builds, and small-series production for drivers, grippers, and tooling. Test, inspect, and validate the quality of incoming hardware products
  • Support in developing test structures to support 2D images and 3D scanned data acquisition of battery packs and modules. Create CAD models of battery packs for data-generation purposes
  • Identify pathways to reduce cost, improve performance, and ease assembly & fabrication