Tech Lead – Assembly
Updated on 6/2/2023
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • At least 2+ years formal people leadership experience including performance reviews, personnel management, interviewing and hiring, etc
  • 10+ years experience as a professional software engineer
  • BS degree in Computer Science or similar technical field of study is preferred but not required
  • Prior experience working within an Ad Exchange, SSP or DSP and/or substantial exposure to RTB, programmatic and other ad technology
  • A passion for implementing best practices and a bias toward smart automation
  • Extensive track record of collaborating with and mentoring other engineers
  • Strong methods for documentation and ticket creation/ticket management
  • Experience building massively distributed systems or building intuitive, feature-rich user interfaces
  • Capable of autonomously prioritizing multiple projects across various deadlines
  • Vast knowledge of Golang is critical. Previous experience with Typescript and ReactJS preferred
  • Previous experience with microservices infrastructure, Docker and Kubernetes
  • Lead projects of various sizes in design and architecture through all phases including ideation, implementation and release
  • Collaborate with the Assembly Product Management team on building and maintaining the product roadmap and contribute technical requirements and documentation
  • Closely collaborate and align with other Tech Leads across MediaLab's portfolio to integrate Assembly SDKs
  • Partner with HR and Recruitment to hire, onboard, develop and support the engineers within the Assembly team
  • Maintain and improve existing Golang code independently and in tandem with other members of the team
  • Write tests for the existing code as well as new features
  • Increase systems performance by identifying bottlenecks and developing clever solutions to solve them
  • Help build and incentivize a culture of technical excellence by maintaining code quality standards through code reviews, design architecture and effective leadership when production issues arise
  • Build reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Implement security measures and data protection
Consumer internet brands