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Full Stack Engineer
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
United States
Experience Level
Desired Skills
UI/UX Design
  • Join one of our project pods and help the team ship features as part of our six-week sprints
  • Roam across the entire app doing everything from optimizing database queries to integrating API data into the UI
  • Contribute to one of our open source projects, like our `markdown` engine, `oas` generator, or `api` package-feel free to try `npm i api`
  • Support other engineers' growth on the team by knowledge sharing, pair programming, and mentoring
  • Guide architectural planning decisions and liase with product and design to determine what is technically feasible
  • Define foundations and patterns to enable the rest of the team to contribute effectively
  • Framework-flexible: While you should have a working knowledge of JS/CSS/HTML, we care more about your architectural thinking than the tech you use
  • Open to switching it up: You want to work on both interactive client-side UI and elegant server-side APIs and care deeply about the full product experience
  • Product-focused: Building a better documentation and developer experience platform for all is something that inherently excites you
  • Not a perfectionist: You take risks, learn from your mistakes, and succeed beautifully every so often
  • Excited to take ownership: We believe the way to learn is to take things on and own them. You're even welcome to take on passion projects and be the change you seek to drive change
  • Collaborative: Your code reviews and pull requests are detailed, you're always happy to share knowledge, and you love a good pairing session
  • We intentionally hire for different skill sets and passions; we believe that everyone has their brand of genius to share!
  • We're constantly iterating and shipping new things out, so be prepared to have a large impact on the product
  • Where you spend your time on the projects on our roadmap is flexible based on what you're interested in and where your career goals lie

11-50 employees

Interactive developer documentation software